Tiger Trails

Tiger Trails is a well-run wildlife lodge on the edge of the fantastic Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve with just 8 rooms located in two blocks. The large rooms of brick and tile construction are immaculately clean and benefit from 24-hour electricity, plenty of hot water and air-conditioning. Meals are mostly vegetarian, Indian style, and offered as a set menu. Evening drinks are served around an open fire and dinners are often cooked and served alfresco.

What really sets Tiger Trails apart is its wildlife pedigree: the owner and his son are both devoted to India’s wildlife and involve themselves with the running and administration of the park. The hotel grounds adjoin the park boundary and the owners have constructed a number of water holes to attract wildlife to their grounds, complete with camera traps and infrared video feeds. There is also a machan overlooking one waterhole where guests can sleep out: the fresh tiger pug marks often found there next morning hint at the nocturnal wildlife potential.


Private hot water bathrooms, restaurant, bar, air-conditioning and 24-hour electricity.

Jonathan Morris
Area Specialist

The lodge has a tower (machan) overlooking one of its waterholes. Opt to spend one of your nights sleeping out here and, if you are very lucky, you might see a tiger or sloth bear emerge for a drink. If not, you will still enjoy an unforgettable night under the stars. Just remember: once you’re there, you’re there for the night. There’s no sneaking back to your room for the book you’ve forgotten.

If you have any queries about this accommodation please feel free to call me directly on +44 (0)1803 866965 or...

Local Wildlife

The park is home to large populations of spotted and sambar deer, wild boar, gaur and antelopes such as the Nilgai and very rare four-horned antelope. Carnivores such as leopard, sloth bear, dhole (wild dog) and jungle cat can been seen here quite frequently; however, the reserve is primarily the domain of the Bengal tiger. The tiger population has surged in recent years from a population of around 40 in the 1990s to a present day adult population of almost 70 (at time of writing) and sightings are now very reliable.

Optional Activities

Game drives into the reserve to look for tigers and other wildlife.

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It was absolutely amazingly fabulous. Wonderful, wonderful sightings of The Ghost. We were so very very fortunate and privileged to have been able to see, not once but each day this amazing cat. Words really cannot describe the trip. I have wanted to do it for so long and not only did it come about but I had spectacular views of the premier Cat. I cannot thank you enough for making a dream come true.

Mrs J H