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Beaches and Islands Testimonials

Borneo Holiday Testimonials

"Thank you for a wonderful journey.  We had a lovely time in Borneo and when you get to the primary rainforest in the Danum valley it feels like you are in the Garden of Eden. Helen was very helpful in preparing our itinerary, was helpful whenever I phoned and assured us at each step. At the destination everything ran smoothly. Specific wildlife highlights: orang utans, 5 types of hornbill, crocodile, monitor lizards, short and long tailed macaque, langur monkeys, civet cats, leopard cats, mouse deer, tree frogs, wild pigs, insects, lots of birds, stingray, big turtle, baby turtles and many fish."

Miss A P - Hertfordshire

"Just want to say a huge thank you for arranging the best honeymoon! We loved the standard of service and accommodation everywhere we went. The destinations and timing at each place was fabulous. We will remember it for the rest of our lives! Truly special - thank you for making it happen!  Wildlife highlights: turtles, pygmy elephants, orang-utans, macaques... Helen at the UK office was lovely and very helpful.  Prompt and detailed at answering questions. The whole team is lovely, thank you!"

Miss A M - Southampton

"Thank you for arranging a wonderful tour for us in Borneo - Reef and Rainforest have done it again! The wildlife viewing has been superb. ..all lifetime memories! The food was also excellent and [your representatives] were very efficient and extremely helpful...all the logistics worked very well...the memories will last a long time. Looking forward to Belize"

Dr F R M - Buckinghamshire

"Thanks for a fantastic holiday! We would definitely recommend Borneo and your agency to friends."

Ms M G - Rutland

"The tour [to Borneo] was superb. Thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family…. We would certainly use your services again and recommend you to others."

Mr & Mrs A S - Southampton

"Thoroughly enjoyable, the length of time spent at each destination was about right, so we didn’t feel too rushed whilst trying to squeeze in a number of destinations….  Very impressed with the service from yourselves in arranging this (& previous) holidays usually with little “notice” and limited budget.  Thank you."

Dr F B - Somerset

"The holiday was excellent as were the guides… We really enjoyed the holiday and it was extremely well organised and interesting."

Mr & Mrs H - Lancashire

"Overall we had a fantastic time [in Borneo]. We went from one marvellous place with outstanding wildlife to the next and there were lots of highlights. The holiday was all we expected and more. It will be very difficult to find another holiday to equal this one."

Mrs P B - Exeter

"We have been very impressed by all the arrangements made by Reef and Rainforest – Thank you. They worked like clockwork."

Mr R W - Wiltshire

"Great holiday [to Borneo] – Amazing experience. Thank you so much for your slick organisation …We will no doubt use your company in future."

Mr L T - Coventry

"We all enjoyed the holiday and saw some amazing sights. Your local ground agents, made the tour a success with their attention to details. A well thought out itinerary giving plenty of variety."

Mr G H - Essex

"We had a wonderful time and have returned safe and well…Thanks for all you help organising the trip [to Boreno] – I found your assistance invaluable and wouldn’t hesitate to use Reef and Rainforest Tours again!"

Mrs S M - London

"The entire tour [to Borneo] was very well organised.  Considering I booked from Canada, I was pleased with how smoothly everything went. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat."

Ms M F - Canada

"Can recommend the itinerary [to Borneo]! Would not have cut a day anywhere.. .Exceptionally friendly and courteous people. This was the overriding impression we got from our trip. Felt a genuine welcome.. .Wildlife highlight: at Sukau, 10 minutes watching a sun bear in clear open view on a tree at 25 metres."

Mr D B - East Sussex

"We have now arrived back in the UK after a truly memorable Borneo holiday.  The tour...was fantastic, we saw a great range of wildlife...It is a tie between the wild orang-utan and the grazing elephants as to the highlight of the holiday. The guides were excellent...The tour has left us with two problems: how can we afford to have all our film developed and where do we go on holiday next year? Thanks for arranging a great holiday."

Mr & Mrs N B - North Yorkshire

“A most enjoyable tour, ran smoothly and saw most of what we hoped to see. Borneo people we met were friendly and helpful. Standard of food was far better than we expected and most enjoyable. Would recommend this trip to anyone wishing to visit Borneo for a few weeks. Thanks!”

Mr R O - Kinross

"Borneo is a wonderful place – the people were really helpful and very charming. Superb wildlife thrilled us all. Our children said it was their best holiday so far. Everything worked really well. We would not hesitate to use you again and to recommend you."

Mrs A L - London N8

"We had no expectations on what animals we would see and how every aspect of the holiday would gel together but it was excellent... We talked to lots of people on our trip and most went to great lengths to book their holiday, trawling the internet for flights, looking at different companies for their tours etc. We couldn’t believe how much trouble they went to, they obviously didn’t find your website. When we told them that our only worry was malaria tablets they couldn’t believe it!! Oh did we feel so smug!!! (We) especially appreciated your advice on our silly questions. So, thank you all for a fantastic holiday and this household will be arguing for months about where we will be going next!"

Mrs J J - Devon

“We had a great holiday because we were looked after so well. The wildlife viewing was the best possible because of the effort put into it by the guides...We saw more wildlife than we expected or had hoped for. Orang-utans in the wild as well as at Sepilok. The turtle laying and releasing was great. A heard of about 20 elephants at Sukau only feet from the boat + an amazing array of birds including some very rare ones. Also a 9’ crocodile....Danum Valley was amazing but it is necessary to stay several nights at least to get the benefit. Overall it was a brilliant holiday.”

Mr & Mrs P C - Newbury

“Very helpful - we went to all the right places, well-designed tour. [Wildlife highlights included:] Orang-utans, gibbons, seeing wildlife unit filming, 5m reticulated python, storm stalks, hornbills, kingfishers, green turtles egg-laying, birdsnest soup caves (but not the cockroaches!), monitor lizards, leopard cats, slow loris, binturong, mouse deer + other deer, fruit bats, black squirrels, some pretty nasty other snakes, flying fish, Borneo pigmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, macaques, otter etc.”

Mrs C M - Chepstow

“(Our Guides) were very friendly, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic to make sure you came away with a good experience. The transfers and mechanics of the tour were very efficient which took a lot of the normal stress and worry away from us. We liked the small and intimate nature of the tour and groups we made up, consequently we got to know some lovely people who contributed to the excitement of the occasion… the constant “wows” and “ahhs” from everybody especially my girls.. thank you!”

Mrs J H - Crewe

“Superb resort…paradise island, really enjoyed our stay here…friendly staff…very comfortable rooms…luxurious, enormous spacious rooms…all [guides] were impressively knowledgeable about the wildlife [of Borneo]…All round an absolutely superb holiday…all arrangements went to plan…it was brilliant.”

Mr D H - Surrey

“Overall holiday was fantastic. Thrilled with the wildlife. (Highlights were) holding a baby turtle, seeing two leopard cats, seeing a herd of elephants and watching orang-utans swinging about for hours. Would recommend it to others”

Mrs H M - Cornwall

"I would like to express my thanks to you for preparing the splendid itinerary, covering my recent trip to Borneo. I achieved every objective set, from reaching the summit of Mount Kinabalu to photographing wild orang-utans, proboscis monkeys and crocodiles, not to mention watching turtles laying their eggs and the hatchlings returning to the sea, plus all the other fascinating wildlife that was observed. The organisation on the ground was seamless and every connection and transfer in a somewhat complex itinerary went like clockwork. Accommodation and cuisine in the various lodges was excellent...superb diving at both Mabul and Sipadan. Once again, thank you - we shall be back."

Mr N S - Reading

"The tour was excellently planned with a good balance of activity and leisure. Similarly good balance of excellent / good accommodation and more basic. Fulfilled all of our hopes in terms of wildlife sightings. Your representatives, guides and drivers were excellent."

Mrs Y T - Kent

"The organisation, people, travel, wildlife guides (and wildlife) were excellent throughout. Many thanks for a great holiday."

Mr D B - Cheshire

"Organisation (of our tour) was excellent. The personal attention throughout was excellent from the ease and efficiency of your booking services to the quality of the guides in Borneo."

Mrs F D - Aylesbury

"We felt very well looked after throughout our trip. We generally had a very good time – a real experience. Standard of service from Reef and Rainforest Excellent - Thanks!"

Mrs H L - Herts

"[Your Representatives] were very efficient and helpful... We found the guides very friendly as well as knowledgeable.

The whole trip was a wonderful experience and we would certainly like to go on another one."

Mrs M W - London

"[Our guides] were charming, pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, courteous and very good company.  Each contributed to make our holiday a real travel experience."

Mr M W - Kent

"Was great to see the Rafflesia [and] some excellent birds, including most of the hornbills.  Mammal highlights included Pygmy Elephants, Cotinga, good views of Gibbons, Orang-utans, Flying Squirrels etc…" 

Mr & Mrs S M - Northumberland

"A large group of elephants crossed the river right in front of us at Sukau and the turtle laying was a highlight.  We had a truly marvellous time and wouldn’t hesitate to visit that part of the world again."

Mrs A J

 "Organisation was excellent.  The personal attention throughout was excellent from the ease and efficiency of your booking services to the quality of the guides in Borneo." 

Mrs F D

"[Specific wildlife highlights were] the first sighting of an orang-utan in the trees and the pygmy elephants with their antics and roaring and trumpeting" 

Mrs J H

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