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Brazil Holiday Testimonials

"Yes, I am back from a wonderfully amazing realisation of a dream to see a jaguar. Too good to put into words. Everything went like clockwork - Sao Paulo airport is a bit of a maze. I landed up pretty well having a one to one trip with my guides. Cristalino was magical with American guides Will and Gill Carter, very much a 'Birders' paradise, but I loved it. Then I went on to the Jaguar Research Centre for what turned out to be 3 1/2 days of pure heaven. 'Fisher', my guide was brilliant and we managed to see Wilson, Hugo, Duda (on 3 occasions) and an unidentified cat. The young Duda was amazing, we followed her for a whole morning moving along the river bank and then in the evening actually saw her swimming across it. Wonderful memories."

Mrs BH - Shipston-on-Stour

"Well, you did ‘what it said on the tin’ – we searched for Jaguars and found an Ocelot!! ….. oh yes and 12 sightings of Jaguar!!!"

Mr MW - Bedfordshire

“We really enjoyed every aspect [of the Jaguar Research Centre]... highlights included jaguar attacking giant otters near the camp (we have a couple of photos of this amazing behaviour!).  Harpy eagle chick at Hotel Amazonica and adult at Cristalino.  Total of 6 jaguar sightings.  Total of nearly 300 spp. Birds including 5 spp. Macaws.  Seeing an as yet undescribed species of poison dart frog.”

Prof M H - Devon

"A somewhat belated letter, but I thought I’d just send you a quick note to say thank you for all your work in putting together our honeymoon. We had a really great time, in great comfort, throughout our stay, and saw a huge range of different wildlife and landscapes over what was really quite a short space of time. By my reckoning, each day we saw at least one type of animal that we hadn’t seen before at any point on the trip – even in Rio!

Overall, a fantastic holiday – if we were to change one thing, it would have been to take another week, so we could have spent a little more time in each place… but who has a boss that understanding? In any case, now we have the perfect excuse to go back again when we’ve saved up enough money and holiday time.

Based on our experience, we will definitely be recommending your services to anyone we know of who is planning a similar trip in future, and will come to you first if we are doing so ourselves. Thanks once again for helping to arrange such a memorable holiday for us both."

Mr AB - London

“3 jaguars!! on two separate days.  On the first sightings, guide driver and self sat in the boat from 12.35 till 6am watching Geoff [the jaguar] and his sister Estelle.  On the second, two days later, I was able to sit on the opposite bank with my tripod and got perfectly steady film”

Mrs D B - Dundee

"Brazil was fabulous…. The pantanal was also a successful trip and we were well rewarded at the Jaguar Research Centre with jaguar sightings and good pics. We would happily recommend the holiday to hard core wildlife enthusiasts. Many thanks for your help making this all possible."

Mrs R W - Derbyshire

“Exceptional trip, Lord D suggested it was even better than his imperial tiger hunt”

Mr C T - London

“8 jaguars in 3 days [at the Jaguar Research Centre].  Tonnes of new birds.”

Mr MP - London

"Thank you for arranging our Brazilian itinerary, on the whole we enjoyed our holiday hugely and have found Brazil to be a fascinating country full of interesting habitats, wildlife, great people and great food."

Mr M S - Surrey

“2hrs plus of jaguar sightings.  Trans Pantanal road was excellent.”

Mr I S - Maidenhead

“I thoroughly enjoyed the tour [wildlife highlights] included two jaguars, puma. Ocelot, hyacinth macaws & numerous birds”

Miss P N - Leicester

“The experience at the Pantanal Wildlife Centre & Jaguar Research Centre was outstanding. Our guide Benedicto was first class - he knew all the fauna, especially the birds and clearly loved them and could not wait to show us everything he knew. We saw the Tapirs at the mango tree (twice), coati, too many birds to list all, at pace which was perfect.  At the Jaguar Research Centre the staff did an outstanding job and, OK the camp was not luxurious but WHO CARES? when you have a chance to see the jaguar, and we in fact saw seven. ALL of which were fantastic views, not just a blip in the distance.”

Mrs R W - Wiltshire

"You gave me everything that I asked for and I enjoyed every minute – cant ask for much more than that! [Your consultant] helped me all along the way and was totally responsible for getting me to just the right places [in Brazil] to see the animals I really wanted to see!  He was very helpful."

Mrs L L - USA

“Absolutely loved  everything about the Jaguar Research Centre. The tented accommodation was great and good fun. The cook was large and jolly and looked after T well- the food was excellent here, and she had the most difficult conditions to contend with... 4 jaguar sightings. The first was at night, a fisherman called in so we took off down the river at brakeneck speed in the dark, found the other boats, and saw 'Hugo'.  The other 3 were in daylight... the highlight was following Mrs Butterfly hunting along the river bed.  Had some good otter sightings. Very good boatman.”

Mrs D T - Leicestershire

"Our visit to Brazil gave us some wonderful highlights and memories…. Overall, a successful and enjoyable trip, well organised and arranged…. Thank you for a very enjoyable holiday.  We hope to re-visit South American in the future."

Mr A R - Bucks

"I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure [in Brazil]. It was very well organised by Reef and Rainforest."

Mrs J FB - Oxon

"Well planned itinerary giving appropriate time at each venue.... 7 sightings of 4 different jaguars including one for over an hour in the open with excellent light [at  the Jaguar Research Centre] exceeded our expectations.  Thank you very much for your helpful organisation throughout. It proved a memorable holiday."

Mr & Mrs M B - Staffordshire

"We have again had a wonderful wildlife holiday due in large measure to your expert guidance in putting the itinerary together. Brazil was breathtaking in all its different guises and every part of the trip was a holiday in miniature."

Mr & Mrs I C - Dorset

“We had an absolutely marvellous Brazil holiday. [Your local staff] were excellent, as were all the guides...We enjoyed all the different areas and found each had something quite different to offer...We saw a huge variety of animals and birds, howler, spider and white faced monkeys, sloth, coatimundi, raccoons, snakes, leatherback turtles, crocodiles, caymen, scarlet macaws, three species of toucan, hummingbirds, manta rays and the highlight [humpback whales] which was truly some experience. Thank you for arranging such a fantastic trip, we are now saving up for the next one, we like the idea of Belize and the catamaran at the moment.”

Mrs WA - Sussex

"The 3 week special Brazil holiday which you organised for us went very well, the arrangements which you (and your representatives) made for us were excellent and went almost without a hitch. Very many thanks to you, your staff and your (representatives in Brazil)."

Mr T L - Philippines

"I was impressed to be able to speak on the telephone right from my earliest enquiry to a specialist who was able to give accurate detailed information.  It felt as if nothing however small was too much trouble!"

Mrs E M, Saxmundham.

"Just to say we had the most amazing holiday in Brazil with many adventures. Everything went smoothly and we both kept well. All three regions were stunning but our time on the Amazon was other worldly… Thank you for organizing everything so well."

Mrs P DB - Pickering

"One of my best trips ever…we saw six jags!"

Mr N R,

"In the Pantanal the wildlife was superb and exceeded all expectations." 

Ms P P.

"Two jaguar sightings were the highlight, we also saw very entertaining giant otters, an amazing variety of birdlife, plus caiman, capybara, … and anaconda." 

Mr & Mrs A W, Cork.


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