The largest country in South America, Brazil is so blessed with incredible diversity, variety, colour and charm that is has something to offer virtually every kind of visitor.

Beach lovers will be spoilt for choice; architecture connoisseurs will appreciate the intact colonial towns; hikers can walk for many scenic miles with barely another soul in sight; and for natural history enthusiasts, the Pantanal and Amazon Basin make Brazil one of the planet’s mandatory wildlife destinations. Reef & Rainforest pioneered jaguar watching to Brazil in 2004: prior to that, seeing a jaguar was virtually impossible in the wild but now the third largest cat can be reliably spotted at certain locations in the Pantanal.

The sheer abundance of flora and fauna to be found in Brazil’s great wilderness regions is beyond comparison with practically any other destination on Earth. Coupled with a good infrastructure, high quality accommodation and a welcoming population, Brazil has become one of our clients’ most popular destinations, and deservedly so.