Reef & Rainforest is the United Kingdom’s longest-established and most experienced specialist tour operator for Madagascar.

Our director, Alan Godwin, first went to Madagascar in 1992 when it was still a rigid communist dictatorship with few visitors, awful roads and hotels, abject poverty and clapped-out Citroen 2CVs literally held together with rubber bands. He saw the potential, however, and perservered: now Madagascar has a significantly improved infrastructure and a good range of high quality hotels, island resorts and forest lodges. And of course, its amazing, unique wildlife.

Wildlife tourism has become one of the major sources of foreign income for Madagascar: by visiting Madagascar, you contribute directly to the conservation of its precious remaining forests with their unique wildlife, and the welfare of its people, who are among the poorest yet friendliest in the world. Your contribution enables hiring of park rangers, who guard the precious reserves from encroachment by illegal loggers, slash-and-burn farmers and bush hunters. Fees paid to local guides percolate down through the poor communities near the parks. Isolated lodges and resorts fund local schools and clinics. It all adds up.

Madagascar has come a long way since we began organising tailor-made and group tours there in 1992. Back then our groups were led by Hilary Bradt (Bradt Travel Guides founder and author of the first guide to Madagascar) but our clients endured poor accommodation and infrastructure (the wildlife made up for it, though). Things have improved considerably: many good hotels and resorts have opened; the roads and vehicles are better; the parks have upgraded their accommodation; and the food is even more delicious. Come with us to Madagascar and you will see in the best possible way what makes the Big Red Island so special.