A small African country of exceptional beauty and wildlife, Rwanda has shrugged off its tragic past and is now a country reborn: it has one of the highest proportions of women in government, national tree-planting days and has even outlawed plastic shopping bags.

Rwanda, known as The Land of a Thousand Hills, offers the natural history traveller a great deal, including classic savannah, conical volcanoes, tranquil lakes, terraced valleys and the largest area of montane rainforest in east Africa.

Often the main reason visitors come to Rwanda, the endangered mountain gorilla can be reliably see and tops an impressive list of over a dozen primates including chimpanzee, golden monkey, colobus monkey and bush baby, making Rwanda one of Africa’s prime primate hotspots.

Rwanda certainly has plenty to offer in its own right and also combines very well with Tanzania if one wants a classic big game safari experience as well.

Rwanda Wildlife Holiday Ideas

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Africa’s Natural Diversity in Rwanda And Tanzania

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Deluxe Rwanda in Comfort and Style

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Rwanda’s Natural Highlights

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Featured Accommodation

Gorilla Mountain View Lodge

Northern Rwanda
Sits in a clearing with impressive views towards the high peaks of the Virunga M...

Cormoran Lodge

Western Rwanda
Stylish property overlooking beautiful Lake Kivu in Kibuye...

Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Southern Rwanda
Five-star luxury hotel set in a lush tea plantation not far from the entrance to...

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Northern Rwanda
Lavish lodge in the foothills of the Virunga Mountains with outstanding views to...

Gisakura Guest House

Southern Rwanda
Guesthouse adjacent to a lush tea plantation just outside the Nyungwe Forest Nat...

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

Western Rwanda
Four-star property with modern facilities that still retains an intimate ambienc...

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Rwanda: -1.940278, 29.873888

Best Time To Visit Rwanda

Rwanda’s location (120km south of the equator, in the Tropic of Capricorn) together with its high altitude give most of the country a year-round temperate climate that is moist by African standards. Temperatures generally stay between 30C (day) and 15C (night). The Virunga mountains in the north may be cooler and Akagera’s savannah hotter. Rainy seasons are March to May and October to December.

Travel Info

Flight Time
11 Hours from London to Kigali (via Nairobi)

Time Zone
GMT +2

Best visited
January to January

Language Spoken
French & English

11.78 million

Area Specialist

Jonathan Morris

With the rest of East Africa on your doorstep, it’s tempting to just tag a few days’ Rwanda gorilla watching on to a traditional safari – but there is so much here to warrant a longer stay. The volcanoes and farming terraces rival those of Asia; Lake Kivu has a languid beauty rivalling the great lakes of Europe; Nyungwe has some of the best primate trekking in the world; and Kigali is one of the world’s greenest and most pleasant cities. Extend your trip and venture beyond the gorillas – you won’t regret it.

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Everyone we ran into in Rwanda was so friendly, kind and proud of their country.  The service they provided was excellent.  We had a wonderful time getting to know them better.

Our guide was AMAZING.  We got to know more about Rwanda and its people because we spent so much time with him.   He stopped frequently to point out all the different birds to us or show us a particular view.  He helped us get on the gorilla hikes that suited our fitness and interests. He let us know exactly how each day was going to play out so we could be ready with the right clothing and water / snacks.

All the guides for the tours were very knowledgeable and quite entertaining.  They were concerned with our enjoyment and our safety. The porters were invaluable – they not only carried your pack (filled w. camera equipment & water) but also helped us up the steep grades and along ledges.

The landscape was as spectacular as the wildlife in Rwanda.  Pictures do not do it justice.  Seeing three different gorillas families was the highlight but there was so much more to see. The Golden monkeys were gorgeous.  Nyungwe was a beautiful park filled with primates and birds.  We saw chimps, mona, vervet , blue, mangabeys, mountain  and colobus monkeys.

We changed one of the tours (the waterfall one) and went birding for an entire day instead.   We saw tonnes of birds including a Great Blue Turaco and many different kinds of sunbirds and hawks.

One day we will get to the UK and actually the meet the wonderful people who plan these incredible vacations for us.  Thank you for all the help you give us.

Mr & Mrs DB - Ontario