Farankaraina Forestry Station

Reached by boat via a branch of the Antainambalana River and a moderate trek from the town of Maroantsetra, this is a relatively unexplored area that perhaps offers the best chance in all of Madagascar to see the strange nocturnal lemur, the aye- aye. Other rainforest wildlife is abundant too and includes other nocturnal wildlife such as the Masoala woolly and sportive lemurs, greater dwarf lemur, mouse lemurs, lowland streaked tenrec, leaf-tailed geckos, tree boas and many endemic frogs. Dirunal species include the white-fronted brown and northern bamboo lemurs, ring-tailed mongoose and birds such as the blue and red breasted couas. The spectacular red-ruffed lemur is also due to be reintroduced back to this reserve in late 2016.