Makuleke Private Concession

In Northern Kruger, the 24,000 hectare Makuleke Private Concession or ‘Pafuri Triangle’ is an area of land at the confluence of the Limpopo and Luvuvhu rivers, with the Limpopo River defining the border with Zimbabwe, and the more powerful Luvuvhu River carving its way through the sandstone escarpment, creating the impressive Lanner Gorge. The wildlife here in the northern Kruger is not as dense as in the centre and south of the National Park, but the ‘Big Five’ are present and excellent sightings are still possible. Large herds of elephant congregate in the drier months and the rivers attract species such as eland, nyala, warthog, bushbuck, zebra and other game. The area is particularly noted for its exceptional birdlife (including species such as three-banded courser, Pel’s fishing owl, Böhm’s and mottled spinetails, racket-tailed roller, black-throated wattle-eye …) and stunning scenery. The variety of landscape ranges from baobab forests, fever tree forests, gorges with dramatic cliffs and peaceful rivers edged with riverine forest. It is also an important area for both ancient and more recent human civilisations with interesting sites showing signs of early Stone Age and Thulamela civilisations as well as recent Makuleke villages. The area is best explored on game drives and on foot.