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The sample itineraries on this website will mainly appeal to couples, small groups of friends, and families with older children.  For those with younger children under 12 years of age, please visit our dedicated Family Wildlife Adventures website (, contact us by email or call +44(0)1803 866965 (UK number) and we shall be pleased to discuss your requirements and/or send you a copy our dedicated Family Wildlife Adventures brochure.


Our sample Tailor-Made Itineraries are often perfectly suited to the adventurous solo traveller who does not wish to be part of an escorted group but wants to benefit from the same standard of service a group tour would enjoy. Therefore, you will normally be met and assisted at airports, have all transfers provided, enjoy many private guide and transport services and often join in organised excursions with fellow guests at the various lodges you visit. You may be travelling alone, but our itineraries should ensure you need not feel lonely. Please note that the prices quoted in our ratesheet relate to a minimum party of two: we shall gladly prepare a separate quotation for you to travel singly.


For those single travellers with different travel requirements, and for all others who wish to be a part of an escorted group, we offer a range of escorted group tours led by either UK-based experts or local tour leaders. There are a wide number of dates and destinations from which to choose, and we can organise extensions on a tailor-made basis should you wish to stay longer, perhaps to enjoy a tropical beach, go scuba diving or snorkelling, or continue your wildlife adventure. Please click here to order our Escorted Group Tours brochure, download the group itineraries from this website, or call us on +44(0)1803 866965 (UK number).


Although the vast majority of our tours operate entirely satisfactorily, because of the undeveloped nature of most of our destinations, minor mishaps can and do occur. All clients should be aware that, although we use trusted local representatives and have done everything in our power to ensure itineraries run smoothly, various factors can conspire to cause disruptions. Where these occur, we or our representatives shall do the utmost to rectify any adverse situations wherever possible. In addition, airlines may cancel flights without warning or overbook seats – we are not in control of airlines’ policies in these matters. The same applies to the policies adopted by some hotels, lodges and resorts.  Bookings shall only be accepted by us on condition that clients understand and accept the above.


Wherever possible, we eschew the larger hotels in favour of small, well-run establishments.  We prefer remote wildlife lodges and ranches, many with their own private nature reserves: they often support biological research and, because of their small size, have minimal impact on their environments. We can arrange organised camping wherever necessary (mainly in Madagascar and Africa) to facilitate good wildlife viewing in wilderness areas where there are no lodges, sometimes using solid wood camps and established sites, other times pitching tents on river banks or in jungle clearings. Coastal or island accommodation is usually in small, friendly resorts, many set on the beach with good snorkelling and their own diving operations. When it is necessary or desirable to stay in a town, we choose wherever possible small, converted colonial houses with charm and character. In most cases we will use the best accommodation available in any given location, or at least accommodation of a high standard relative to the destination concerned.