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Madagascar Holiday Testimonials

"Having recently returned from a truly memorable 3 weeks in Madagascar we wanted to express our sincerest thanks to you Helen, and all at Reef and Rainforest for arranging such a superb wildlife viewing experience.
As you are aware, we were particularly keen to see and photograph the fosa. At Kirindy forest we actually encountered 3. Despite the rather challenging accommodation we would highly recommend the Kirindy experience to all those wanting an exceptional primate viewing experience.
Overall our lemur species/subspecies count was 22 and other notable sightings included 2 species of mongoose, giant jumping rats, a huge Madagascar ground boa, humpback whales and the Madagascar fish eagle.
Every detail of the trip from start to finish was superbly well arranged and managed, which cannot be easy in a country with such complex problems. Well done Helen.
All aspects of the trip were outstanding. Wildlife, people, culture and geography. We will certainly return again to visit the north of the island and return to paradise, Anjajavy.
This was our second trip with Reef and Rainforest and I cannot speak highly enough of your company. I would recommend your services to any natural world/wildlife enthusiast. Thank you again."

Mrs A & Mr J W, Selkirk

"We had an EXCELLENT honeymoon - the preparations Reef & Rainforest made and the package put together were very well done.  All guides excellent."

Ms N & Mr F, Gillingham

"A wonderful trip which would have been very difficult to put together to a similar standard ourselves. Would definitely consider another R&R holiday! Un grand merci!!."

Mrs S L - Le Vesinet, France

"[Our escort guide] was excellent – he had amazing vocabulary and was always good natured, patient and attentive. He provided us with a great commentary to the country and proved to be a brilliant wildlife spotter. Wildlife highlights: seeing a streaked tenrec, snorkelling with green turtles, the pygmy chameleons, the biggest giant millipede I’ve ever seen, a group of indris without the crowds and hearing their calls, seeing new families of birds – vangas and couas…Everything was a complete treat – my binoculars got a complete workout."

Mr D N - Bristol

"Excellent.  It was a very last-minute tour but Helen listened to my requests and really did well to fulfil them. [Tour guide] was the best guide I've ever had. Really couldn't do enough for me and very much aware of how I was feeling. A very considerate person with a very genuine attitude. With little time to prepare myself I was really struggling to know what lay ahead of me as I travelled to Madagascar but due to Helen's careful attention to detail and planning everything worked out incredibly perfectly!! (Thank you Helen!)"

Mr T C - Nottingham

"Tour guide was perfect (Excellent++). Attentive and caring. Outstanding person. Became part of the family. Give her an award!!! Local guides very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and pleasant people to be with. Helen's enthusiastic and sparkling voice was a pleasure to hear on the 'phone. All questions answered in detail and printed information sent was helpful. You guys really cared. Very attentive in Madagascar and went well. Very pleasant and good driver. No corners cut and a well planned trip with all details covered. Perfect for us. Due to good guides and spotters we saw 16 species of lemurs and plenty of them. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see so many species and so close to us. Marvellous - very emotional. Lemurs are such wonderful gentle creatures.  This trip was so well-designed for people like us.  I will never forget this trip in my life. What a humbling experience it was. Some time in the future we will be back to see these special animals.  In the mean time I look to our video footage of our time with the lemurs of Madagascar. Helen Cox - well done. Your company is at the top of our list."

Mr & Mrs  M - Berkshire

"Quality of wildlife: Excellent. We saw everything we wished for and more. All guides were excellent. English excellent, very comprehensive knowledge. [Our escort guide] in particular was superb with an encyclopaedic knowledge."

Mr D M - South Petherton

"It was lovely to meet Helen face-to-face and to devise the ideal trip with her - her enthusiasm for Madagascar certainly confirmed us in our choice of destination. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, seemed genuinely interested in their work and in interacting with tourists. Invaluable in spotting wildlife and discussing uses of local medicinal plants. [Our escort guide] was a delightful companion on our journey in Madagascar and very solicitous of our welfare.  We were thrilled by the wildlife.  Without the keen insight and knowledge of our guides we would certainly have failed to spot the giraffe-necked weevil and stick insects. The night walks were very productive - several mouse lemurs. The first sight of indris was an especial thrill as was the sight of a sleeping mouse lemur in broad daylight.  Perhaps the most rewarding experience occurred when the lemurs came to us - six ring-tailed lemurs in Isalo, sifakas on the balcony in Anjajavy, flocks of grey-headed lovebirds on the lawn at breakfast. An excellent tour which gave us a good insight into the wildlife and potential conservation issues in Madagascar.  We had opportunities to visit local communities. We were most impressed by the efficiency in ensuring a trouble-free and very enjoyable time in Madagascar. Our tour leader and driver were delightful and very hard working. We shall certainly look forward to booking a further tour with you."

Mr & Mrs V - Ashprington, Devon

"Enjoyed every moment. [Our guide] was wonderful - the best guide we've ever had.  Always gave 110% and had a great sense of humour."

Mrs S C - Leicester

"At this point I can only bask in the wonderful memories of the trip we just returned from. Our highlight was seeing the many kinds of lemurs in the country. To see them in the wild is truly an incredible thing. We also enjoyed the many species of chameleons and birds native to the area.  Our national guide was the epitome of professionalism. His knowledge of and pride in his country was awesome. He never got tired of helping our group. We felt so fortunate to have had him as our guide and would recommend him to everyone we know who is visiting the country. The local guides were excellent as well. All were very knowledgeable in their particular areas.  They all worked well with [our national guide].  We were very lucky to have had the guides we had, as some were better than others, we heard from talking with other travellers.  Our drivers were extremely professional. They were always courteous and helpful."

Mrs D R - South Dakota

"I feel the tour was immensely enjoyable, well-constructed and gave a good overview of eastern and southern Madagascar.  [Our guide and driver] are to be commended for their attention to our needs at all times. [Our guide] was outstanding - he couldn't have done more to make our holiday better.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Reef & Rainforest."

Mrs B J - Eastbourne

"It was an excellent trip. I saw a lot of a wonderful country and would like to return.  The Malagasy people are lovely.  Friendly and hospitable throughout.  Everything was done to ensure we were happy and comfortable. Excellent service and wildlife. Wildlife highlights: mating fosas, close encounters with indri, diademed sifaka and ringtailed lemurs above us as we picniced below."

Ms C G - Wiltshire

"It was a fab trip. Everything went very well in Madagascar.  All the local guides were really good but special praise goes to [our guide] at Andasibe - so knowledgeable and interesting. He, like all the guides, showed a real love for the wildlife and environment. Excellent wildlife: highlights - fosas in daylight within 10 mins of the first rainforest walk, diademed sifakas, golden bamboo and ringtailed lemurs and giraffe necked weevil."

Ms J B - London

"Loved it all! 17 species of lemurs, loads of reptiles and endemic birds. Did masses of photography.  Highlights included male giraffe necked weevil, witnessing an indri howling and Verreauxs sifakas jumping through the trees in gorgeous early morning light. [Our guide] was great as were local guides.  Very happy with the itinerary. We wanted it to be a wildlife holiday as that is our primary interest, but found the landscape variety and tribal dimensions very rewarding too."

Mr & Mrs S - Chichester

"Excellent, efficient and quality service at all levels.  Viewing of wildlife exceeded our expectations.  We have some fantastic photographic souvenirs!  The whole Madagascar experience exceeded our expectations - as much the human element - (gaining experience of the way people live) - as the wildlife element.  We enjoyed the trip enormously - the diversity of experiences, the pleasure of the wildlife and the lovely people we met. Tour leader was exceptional and gave us care beyond the call of duty and good fun and very informative. Local guides all had good level of English and made every effort to make out experiences the best possible."

Mrs J O'S - Wakefield

"Excellent.  All went great. Helen was great in helping us plan and overall really was all great.  We loved all our guides. So many Verreaux sifakas, common browns, even sportive, mouse [lemurs] etc. Loved seeing all the baby lemurs and saw some great chameleons!! My highlight was at Andasibe when I got very close to a sifaka who was holding on to a tree and was eye level to me. I just sat there quietly watching and it was a cool moment. Really everything was a highlight!!!"

Mrs R E - New York

"We had a very enjoyable holiday. Everything was very well organised and we would use Reef & Rainforest again in future. Listening to the Indri, dancing sifakas - it was all wonderful."

Mrs L S - High Wycombe

"This was our first holiday with Reef and Rainforest and was brilliant – one of our best wildlife holidays in 30 years of travelling. The tour was well thought out, with different locations and wildlife and a great combination of wildlife watching and good hotels. The tour was aptly names as a Gentle Journey since we saw lots of wildlife but did not have to stay in a series of poor hotels and get up very early every day. This holiday was superior to competitors’ Madagascar tours which used poorer hotels and were more difficult. We will definitely consider Reef and Rainforest holidays in our future plans. The UK office dealt with all of our questions very efficiently and kept us very well informed. This was a brilliant holiday for wildlife. The indri were excellent, the nocturnal walks and mouse lemur sightings were a highlight at all locations, and the local guide at Anjajavy found us a rare fat tailed dwarf lemur on an evening walk. Berenty and Anjajavy were excellent for wildlife – close up and lots of it. A highlight for us was the ability to walk around the hotels and reserves on our own in addition to the guided walks and we saw by ourselves tenrec, diademed sifaka and mouse lemurs."

Mrs J C - Kinross

"Hi Claire, The trip went very smoothly and we only have compliments for all aspects. The transfers and the guide were uniformly EXCELLENT. Overall the standard was EXCELLENT both remote and local. (I chose R&R based on the quality of responses from a number of companies and I feel I made the right choice). The quality of the wildlife viewed over the ten days was EXCELLENT. We particularly liked the fact that the animals used Anjajavy as part of their natural domain."

Mr A K - Hong Kong

"Dear Helen, Where do we start. An amazing experience culturally and visually and we are going back. We have been asked what bit was best but have been unable to put it into any rank order as, in their various ways, they were all memorable. Everyone we met was lovely and coped with two eccentric ageing Brits quite beautifully. We will be back to this wonderful place. Thanks for your help and organisation on our behalf."

Dr & Mrs S & P F - Suffolk

"Helen created us a fantastic tour that ticked all the many boxes that we asked for.  Specific Wildlife Highlights: Where do we start??? If there has to be one standout, it'd be the whales...or the fosa...or the red ruffed lemurs. We'd like to return to Madagascar - still a lot we haven't seen!  We had a fabulous holiday!"

Ms Z K - Birmingham

"Best holiday we've ever been on. Was perfect for our honeymoon. Can't fault the staff, the accommodation or the wildlife! Thank you for such an amazing trip."

Mrs C E - Manchester

"We were delightfully surprised by the level of care & organisation that went in to our itinerary. We felt very well looked after. As our honeymoon, we obviously wanted something really special & that was certainly delivered. The 3 different sections were all wonderful & contrasting, all the accommodation was excellent & the guides & transfers from place to place were very well organised. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful holiday with lots of memories to be cherished."

Mrs H A - London

"Helen was very helpful via email & telephone and made the trip hassle free for us.  Very quick responses. Wildlife: Beyond what we expected! About 10 different lemur species, loads of chameleons, Nile crocodiles, fish eagles - too much to mention! My wife and I have done a lot of independent travel and are often reluctant to use tour agencies but the assistance we received & the guides in Madagascar made the extra cost worthwhile.  We had an amazing and memorable holiday.  Thank you"

Mr P R - Zurich

"One of the best 2 weeks of my life – and I have been around a bit!! Thank you so much! If anything, your brochure underplays this wonderful country and people. Saving hard to do it again!"

Mr A D - Northants

"A wonderful holiday [to Madagascar] which exceeded every expectation. Something unforgettable every day – experiences we’ll never forget. It just got better and better."

Mr J P - Nottingham

"[Our local Madagascar guide] was superb, his knowledge was outstanding.  He was a font of information but also had a marvellous sense of humour…. Thanks to everyone for a really marvellous Madagascar holiday."

Mrs J M -Glasgow

"The standard of accommodation and infrastructure experienced on this tour [of Madagascar] surpassed our expectations. We consider the tour to have been good value for money.  The ground agents provided a high standard of service throughout. Our guide was first class, sensitive to individual needs and attentive to the small details ensuring our holiday ran smoothly."

Mr T M - Andover

"[Our local Madagascar guide] was 100% fantastic. He planned ahead, had great knowledge, is considerate and has a wonderful laugh!  Wonderful trip – thoroughly enjoyed it. All hotels good (or excellent) A great trip which I’d be delighted to repeat."

Ms A F - West Sussex

"We had an amazing honeymoon [to Madagascar], We loved it!"

Mr & Mrs L - Edinburgh

"An excellent holiday [to Madagascar] which we will all remember."

Mr D M - Worcester

"Overall, the tour [to Madagascar] was fantastic. We saw lots of wildlife, and the accommodation was mostly excellent. We feel our holiday was made by our guide. He was very friendly, helpful and patient and went above and beyond went above and beyond to make our tour memorable."

Mrs P D - Hertfordshire

"We had a marvellous [Madagascar] holiday. We had a superb guide – we really could not have asked for better. In many ways  [our local guide] made our holiday. He kept us informed and he was always there to help...  In conclusion, the visit was even better than we had anticipated for 3 years. Thank you!"

Mr & Mrs H  N - Pitlochry

"Overall an excellent holiday [to Madagascar]. Well organised. Excellent Guides.  I will definitely use Reef and Rainforest again."

Mr & Mrs T - Kent

"We have recommended Reef and Rainforest to friends and people we met [on our Madagascar Holiday]…. Outstanding."

Mrs V B - Kent

"We had a wonderful holiday and would highly recommend a visit to Madagascar – more people should visit!  We have been so impressed with Reef and Rainforest and we hope to travel with you in the future."

Mr & M M - Wirral

"Overall we had a fantastic time – people were friendly, wildlife amazing and we also enjoyed the various stops to look at local crafts being made – silk scarves, baskets, paper, rum etc.  [Our local Madagascar guide] was extremely knowledgeable and really brought the people and culture to life, giving a deep insight into tribal rituals, history, politics and future hopes for the country."

Mr A L - Bristol

"This trip [Madagascar Holiday] took my breath away. It was magical. Yes the wildlife, but the people and culture were amazing too. I would go there again and recommend Reef and Rainforest Tours to anyone. Superb!"

Ms J H - Birmingham

"An amazing holiday [to Madagascar] which we didn’t want to end.  The organisation of guides and drivers was excellent. They were always on time, very friendly and informative. We loved them and I think the liked us! Thank you Reef & Rainforest."

Ms A M - Hereford

"We loved the whole trip [Madagascar Holiday]. Our driver and guide were both excellent… All in all, one of the best holidays we’ve ever had.

Mrs E S - France

"We are back from our adventures in Madagascar. We had a fantastic time, wonderful country, friendly people and we saw so much amazing wildlife; we had quite a few David Attenborough moments too which were caught on camera and/or comcorder…. So, a very big thank you to all  the R&R team for arranging a great holiday / honeymoon for us. We hope this wont be just a “one off” trip with your company. We will be sure to pass on your name to anyone wanting a well organised small group tour to far flung places in the world."

Mr & Mrs C P - Brighton

 "[Our local Madagascar guide] was brilliant and coped with everything in the same kind, happy way. He went out of his way to help the more elderly members of the group. We had a wonderful holiday and won’t hesitate to recommend Reef and Rainforest to others… Everyone on the trip was impressed with you."

Mrs S G - West Sussex

"[Our guide] couldn’t have been better. Always cheerful and helpful.  Overall we had a brilliant time [Madagascar Holiday]. Thank you"

Mr D B - Hants

"Thank you. A brilliant holiday [to Madagascar] that fulfilled all our expectation. We will certainly consider using Reef & Rainforest again and have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends."

Mrs E K - Rotheram

"[Our Madagascar Holiday] was fantastic. We had a most interesting and enjoyable time. The itinerary and places to visit were well judged."

Dr L P - London

"Our itinerary proved to be excellent with a great mix of wildlife, culture and scenery…Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and would recommend Madagascar to those with similar interests as ourselves."

Mr T S - Stirling

"From beginning with booking to the arrival home all went wonderfully. Everything worked with our guides, hotels, flights… we stopped in small towns and had lots of interaction with the local people – what charming people they were.  I am totally hooked on [Madagascar]. Many Many Thanks."

Mrs R D - Sussex

"[Your Consultant] was excellent at sorting everything out for us. The pre trip info was very good and we would certainly be happy to book with you again. Thanks again for arranging a wonderful and memorable trip to Madagascar."

Mrs N A - Dorset

"We were delighted with our Madagascar experience. The local people were wonderful. Thanks for all your help and advice. A good itinerary."

Dr K W  - Herts

"The tour [to Madagascar] was absolutely fantastic. The organisation of pre holiday went well and communication was good. We could not have hoped to see as much wildlife as we did so are delighted."

Miss JT & Mr SW - London

"The holiday [to Madagascar] was everything we dreamt it would be. Lots of wildlife, lovely people and beautiful scenery. All guides were excellent, good English, very knowledgeable and sympathetic tour needs."

Dr K D - Aberdeenshire

"We had a totally wonderful time [in Madagascar]. Great Place, great tour, wonderful guide who really made it for us.  He engaged excellent local guides etc and did all he could to give us the best.   The tour was varied and full with enough personal space. It was fantastic. Thank you!

Mr W & Mrs L A - Hertfordshire

"The holiday [to Madagascar] was fantastic and the logistics totally stress free. All the guides were exceptionally friendly and the nature guides were really knowledgeable. They really made the trip special"

Ms S D - London

"I found Reef and Rainforest very helpful prior to the trip, answering lots of questions very promptly. [Our local Madagascar guide] was very good, he listened carefully to what was requested and usually found a way of providing a solution. He was friendly, knowledgeable, reliable and helpful… I found the tour fascinating."

Miss K S - Herfordshire

"The service from Reef and Rainforest was excellent. I liked the personal contact and felt our holiday success was important to you, rather than just trying to sell us a holiday. [Our local Madagascar guide] was excellent, very knowledgeable. Nothing was too much trouble...Overall a great holiday [to Madagascar] and I would recommend Reef and Rainforest to friends and family."

Ms L S - Bucks

"No words can truly express how good the holiday [to Madagascar] was from start to finish…your help, advice and itinerary were perfect at such short notice!"

Mr S H - Kent

"Our holiday to Madagascar has been a great success thanks to your diverse itinerary, the efficiency of [your representatives] and their friendly, helpful staff. The holiday far exceeded our expectations. Madagascar is fantastic, so diverse, wonderful scenery, and we were lucky enough to see lots of lemurs."

Miss A S -  Berkshire

"[Your guides] were friendly and knowledgeable, willing to answer all questions. They really made the holiday. The checklist for fauna of Madagascar was great for helping us to keep track of all the wildlife we had seen.. .We had the most amazing holiday due to your organisation and the friendliness of the Malagasy people. Thank you."

Mrs C B -  Wiltshire

"We had a fantastic time! The locations were really well chosen to give as good an idea as possible of the diversity of Madagascar (wildlife, landscapes and culture). It was also good to support 'eco-tourism' through the venues you selected.. .Thank you for a great holiday!"

Ms J W -  Cheshire

‘On receiving your newsletter it reminded us that we had not been in touch since we returned from the wonderful holiday to Madagascar that you arranged for us. It really was a fascinating country and we did enjoy it. A highlight was our visit to Marojejy. . .we were so lucky to see the silky white sifaka. . .Thank you.. .for our super holiday. We enjoyed meeting two of your American clients while we were there.’

Mrs B C - Kent

‘We have finally got around to writing to you to say thank you for organising such a fantastic Madagascar honeymoon back in June/July!. ..The itinerary was really great..... [our local Madagascar guide] found hundreds of birds, and best of all the Coquerel’s sifaka group with the baby - they crossed the path right next to us - along with the indri, another top highlight.. .Our whole trip ran extremely smoothly, and we thought all the guides...were excellent...they really looked after us well.. we had a really fantastic trip - it was everything we had hoped it would be and more - our idea of a perfect honeymoon!

Mr & Mrs J S - North Yorkshire

Thank you for arranging such an incredible [Madagascar] holiday. As soon as I landed in Tana I knew I was going to love the country; I was right and a part of my heart is still there - and I can’t wait to go back. [Your representatives] were great... thank you once again.’

Miss N T- London SW9

"Overall an unforgettable [Madagascar] holiday with so many ‘magic’ moments…the local guides were without fail helpful, approachable and friendly."

Mr P D - Lincoln

"My trip to Madagascar was marvellous and everything I could have wished for." 

Ms D B - Dundee

"This was my 2nd trip with you and once again it was 100% quality trip…Everything about the tour was thrilling.  We saw extraordinary animals…I cannot praise [your guide] enough.  One of the best guides I’ve had in my years of travelling."

Mr D P - Gwynedd

"One of the best [Madagascar] holidays we have ever had! Fascinating to learn so much about a country we knew very little about before.  Everybody very friendly and helpful."

Mrs J M - Bedford

"Our first trip to Madagascar – it was fantastic…[your consultant] interpreted our desires and needs very well and we all greatly enjoyed our tour."

Mrs M v d W - Kent

"The service from the initial investigation, design options for our tour, booking and recommendations – through to the organisation of every element was superb.  The [Madagascar] holiday is a really special memory and your specialist service was the critical ingredient."

Mr H W - York

"We saw ten species of lemur which was clearly the highlight of the trip…I must say Madagascar is a hugely underrated destination.  The wildlife, fabulous scenery, varied geography and the people make the country a very attractive active holiday destination."

Mr A N - Bangkok

"We had the most wonderful time.  We were so well looked after and didn’t have to worry about anything!"

Mr & Mrs P - London

"Was very impressed by Reef and Rainforest’s understanding of our needs.  [Our Madagascar Holiday] Itinerary worked perfectly and in fact, we felt our tour was better than expected." 

Mr & Mrs E - Southampton

"The itinerary you created for us was perfect – an excellent mix of scenery, wildlife and relaxing time.  Overall we had an amazing time and loved all the places we went.  The itinerary was perfect, everything was very well organised and the wildlife surpassed our expectations." 

Miss A F - Hertfordshire

"The visit had everything, wildlife, culture, stunning scenery, and it was well balanced between all three…a wonderful [Madagascar] holiday that we’ll talk about and remember for a long time." 

Mr G H - Essex

"We have just returned from our honeymoon in Madagascar, which was arranged through Reef and Rainforest and are writing to say “thank you” and let you know how very much we enjoyed it. The itinerary matched our requirements perfectly - it was varied, interesting, great fun and allowed us to see all we wanted to and more. All of our guides and drivers were fantastic. Thank you again for such a wonderful honeymoon!"

Mr & Mrs G K - Kent

“I must reiterate how good this [Madagascar] holiday was. Alan Godwin provided the perfect itinerary for us. Our guide ensured everything was seamless; both he and our driver were pleasant to be with and were acutely aware of likes/wishes in what we wanted to see. There was never any rush. Tsarabanjina was perfect…[Your representatives] were excellent.”

Mr J H - West Sussex

"We had a truly wonderful holiday. All the ground arrangements, guides etc. were excellent - not a word we ever use lightly. In particular we would recommend [our local Madagascar guide] who was our guide, bodyguard and friend for the first eleven days of our tour and for all transits via Tana. This was a touch we really appreciated...The variety of wildlife we were privileged to see was quite outstanding...Thank you for putting together such an enjoyable and educational trip which has given us so much pleasure. We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering a trip to Madagascar."

Mr & Mrs I C - Dorset

“Your agents in Madagascar deserve the highest compliments; we both travel very frequently for work and pleasure (sometimes in rather obscure parts of the world) and can honestly say we have never experienced such a high level of efficiency and general cosseting. I shall be wiring to them separately. Flights were always on time…; airport meeting was efficient; guides were excellent…We will certainly use your organisation in the future – most impressive.”

Ms J S S - London W2

"We had an excellent holiday [in Madagascar]. Everyone we met went out of their way to be most helpful and friendly. We were most impressed by the knowledge of the park guides. We appreciated the variety that the tour offered and were able to see a variety of wildlife at each location."

Mr G B - Glamorgan

“It was quite simply fantastic. A very different honeymoon. In general, I would say that your itinerary is good value for money. The people are fantastic, the place [Madagascar] very welcoming and beautiful, so what more could one want? A great trip which we are both so glad to have done.. .one that will always be very special.”

Mr J C - London

"The trip [Madagascar Holiday] was fantastic. Very well planned with camping and walking interspersed with lovely hotels beyond our expectations. All guides were very knowledgeable."

Mr G B - Lancashire

“Firstly we had a terrific time and can’t thank you enough for sorting out a great itinerary at such short notice. We saw 21 species of lemur in 3 weeks plus lots of frogs, chameleons and birds, met a lot of nice people and can’t wait to go back... .Thanks again for your help, we’ve recommended Reef and Rainforest to all our friends.”

Mr M A - London

"Our girls were thrilled to see we had a female guide and she was a big hit with them and us, she couldn’t do enough to help us, clearly a very thoughtful young lady. She wanted us to know about her country and appreciate it. All very well planned and organised. Very pleased with everything."

Miss M C - Essex

"This was a very good tour with a wide variety of experiences and wildlife to see, due to the differing climates and habitats visited. The guides were all knowledgeable and friendly and anxious to help in every possible way. (our private guide) looked after us and understood our requirements. This was a most enjoyable [Madagascar] holiday with lots of memories that will stay with us. Thank you for your careful organisation of the trip."

Mr and Mrs R C - Oxford

“Overall, we had a wonderful trip, we saw all that we had hoped for and in many ways, things were much better than expected, especially the service given by [your Madagascar representatives] which was as good as I have experienced anywhere in the world... .Thank you for your efforts on our behalf, we are now considering going to Belize through your company...”

Ms A M - Berkshire

"We were very impressed with your company and took all of our comments on board to create a honeymoon suited to our requirements. Your representatives in Madagascar also impressed us. At any transfer there was always a representative ready to help us check in etc. The accommodation and location of (the lodge) was an excellent choice and the perfect place to end our honeymoon. We have already been singing Reef and Rainforest’s praises to our friends and are saving for our next trip with you."

Dr S M - Bristol

“We thought that the whole trip was wonderful – excellent hotels, food, guides and a fascinating place to visit. Thank you so much for arranging this last minute for us. Been singing your praises!”

Ms M B - Devon

"Excellent, really enjoyable tour, enhanced by some great guides and hotel staff. Fascinating unique country – very friendly people. Your link with (your representatives) was a great choice as their guides are first class, with lots of information and also very friendly and welcoming. Superb local guides – highly skilled at finding wildlife and local knowledge."

Mr D H & Ms R F - Surrey

“[The Perinet hotel] had a great location – only problem was the noisy neighbours, ie, the indri. In Perinet, our guide, Desiree, actively searched out a leaf tailed geko for us. Many chameleons seen at night plus one during the day, at Kirindy. The fruit bats at Tsarabanjina gave us a thrill. Too many more [wildlife highlights] to mention. Overall a highly enjoyable experience. At times the travel was tiring but the destinations more than made up for this.”

Dr P E - County Durham

“Each destination had great wildlife viewing… We were both very happy with our [Madagascar] travels, we learnt so much about Malagasy culture and nature and had a very relaxing, active and special time. Having a tour organised takes away all the worries that go with travel and allowed us to fully enjoy our surroundings. [Your representative] was very professional, they were punctual and friendly. The welcoming present and birthday present they gave was a lovely gesture.”

Ms F H D - London SW7

"The tour lived up to our expectations and was thoroughly enjoyable. (Your representatives) must be congratulated on their efficiency and organisation…. We would recommend Madagascar as a destination and Reef and Rainforest as a Tour Operator"

Mrs M H - Gloucestershire

“We should state at the outset that once the trip was underway, it confirmed our view that within our three-week timescale, and short pre planning time, it would not have been possible to have independently organised such a comprehensive schedule. We were in no doubt that we did the right thing to consult a specialist...Given the three weeks duration, the itinerary...proved excellent...With the indispensable help of some first rate guides...we saw a very good range of species...very much up to our expectations....The travel arrangements...were first rate....We found the range and quality of accommodation to our liking....The quality and variety of food.. .was excellent.. .My vegetarian requirement was never a problem, even during camping - I have had greater difficulties in many European countries. [Your Madagascar representatives] require a special mention for their highly professional service...we would have been praising their service if they had been operating in a western country.... In summary then, the trip was well-planned, coordinated and executed and met all of our requirements and expectations. In our view it was excellent value for money.’

Mr A R - Exeter

"(Your Representatives) in Madagascar were superb. They could not do to much for you. As to the tour we had a wonderful time, What a place! Great Trip!"

Mr M H - Doncaster

“I can honestly say that I had the time of my life. I was full of admiration for the way in which, in a country [Madagascar] renowned for its travel problems, the planes took us to our destinations on the right day, boats sailed, buses turned up to drive us everywhere, and even pirogues were in the right place at the right time!....I have praised the merits of. ..Reef and Rainforest Tours to staff here [Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust], and suggested that, should they need itineraries drawing up, you might well be the source of all knowledge.”

Mrs D M - Berkshire

"Thank you for arranging a wonderful trip. After going to Costa Rica with you some years ago we had an idea of your ”style” and we were glad that we chose you to travel with."

Ms V J - London NW3

"We must congratulate Reef and Rainforest and (your representative) for the excellent organisation of our trip. Everything went like clockwork, except for one minor hitch which was easily sorted. We had wonderful guides and drivers. (our guide) is the most gentle, courteous and efficient man. We feel we were very lucky to have him."

Mrs D E - Leicestershire

"First class [tour] . . .very good standard under sometimes hard conditions... [Highlights] too many to list... Photographing the Madagascar fish eagle.. .all the lemurs."

Mr G B - Essex

"Excellent overall standard of service.. . I found the country fascinating.., the gentleness, friendliness and kindness of the Malagasy puts them in the No.1 spot for charming people."

Mr R B - Devon

"We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There was plenty to interest everyone -culture, history, wildlife, geography, climate, plants etc. Our guide.. .was excellent. He was so patient and polite and inspired confidence in us all that we would be quite safe with him. He was also so well-versed in everything that was going on and was able to answer any question on any topic. He is a wonderful ambassador for Madagascar."

Mr M J - Glasgow

"Thanks a lot. Our best family holiday ever. We were sad to leave and hope to go back one day."

Mrs K G - Berkshire

"We cannot commend highly enough the standard of service we received from the guides and drivers. They were all extremely helpful, kind, courteous and very knowledgeable…. Well done Reef and Rainforest and (your representatives). I am sure we will be travelling with you again."

Mrs L F - Tyne & Wear

"Our guide was absolutely excellent - knowledgeable, very nice, efficient, always helpful and cheerful and keen to show and tell us all about Madagascar and what we saw.. . It was a wonderful trip which we all enjoyed."

Mr D K — Kent

"The organisation of the tour in Madagascar was first class, with [your guide] proving to be extremely helpful, informative and enthusiastic. He made an excellent itinerary into a great tour. As a tour combining generous amounts of wildlife watching with keen insights into Malagasy culture, I am certain that this tour cannot be bettered."

Mr D S - Essex

"My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed Madagascar and have only the highest praise for our guide and driver who helped to make the trip such a happy experience. We really enjoyed walking in the villages and meeting the people as much as the wonderful walks in the forests. . .Thanks for laying on such a well planned trip. We just could not find that diademed sifaka anywhere in spite of hours of searching in Mantady and Maromizaha. We will have to go back next year!"

Mr J M - Devon

‘I have been very remiss in not writing sooner to tell you how much I enjoyed our Aye-Aye Tour [to Madagascar] with Nick. ..The trip was magical and Nick such a knowledgeable leader. He shared his knowledge so enthusiastically with us and kept us on our toes! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, even though Air Mad messed up some of our itinerary.. .Many thanks and hope to do another trip soon.’

Mrs D M - South Africa

‘My wife and I have returned from our trip to Madagascar and we are pleased to report that everything went extremely well. Our private escort, local guides and camp cooks were all excellent and even the tents and huts were far better than expected... It is difficult to decide which part of the trip we enjoyed most. Marojejy was marvellous and well worth the effort we had to put in to getting beyond Camp 2 - but all the others were almost as good and we have many memories and films of the whole three weeks. We saw our fill of lemurs, other animals, birds and insects. So, many thanks for your organisation which went almost without a hitch.’

Mr R L - Canterbury

"Thanks for the latest R&R brochure which is very impressive…I’ve been very remiss in not writing to say how much I enjoyed my tour of Madagascar with Nick Garbutt last November…Many thanks."

Miss B G-T – Jersey

"Having recently returned from a "tailor-made" tour of Madagascar arranged by you, I should very much like to thank you for making these very successful arrangements…[We] had a marvellous holiday…all arrangements worked like clockwork…the hotels were very good and the food, on the whole, was excellent. We say a great deal of wildlife and our last few days on the Ile Ste Marie were a joy. Thank you very much for all your good work."

Dr V S – Surrey

"I am now back in the UK and I just wanted to let you know that the trip to Madagascar that you organised for me went well…the trip went far more smoothly than I had hoped (maybe I was just lucky). The driver and guide…were really helpful and friendly and this accounted for much of why it was so hassle free. All the accommodation was fine…The trip was great. I really enjoyed everything. Wildlife viewing was good at all the reserves…Finally thank you for organising the trip and for all the helpful advice, I very much hope to be able to visit Madagascar again soon."

Mr M S – Hertfordshire

"Your service has been excellent and totally professional and it has been a great pleasure dealing with you and Reef and Rainforest."

Ms I M – USA

"I am writing to thank you for making the arrangements for our recent tour to Madagascar. We all had a wonderful time and have brought back so many memories of all the places visited - the lovely friendly people and, of course, the lemurs. Our guide(s)…were all excellent…We met several groups from Britain during our travels…[One] did not appear to be a very happy group. [Two others] were having quite a few problems, mainly with accommodation not being available when the arrived etc. We were asked how we managed to be just the four of us travelling together with our own guides and driver so we passed on your name to those interested. Maybe you will get some more business – I sincerely hope so as you certainly know Madagascar so well and have such good contacts. Once again, many thanks for the arrangements."

Mrs W S – Somerset

"Despite Air Mad cancelling our flight home we had a simply wonderful holiday…We cannot praise enough the top class service we received from [your representatives’] guide…and driver. They looked after us superbly…We will go back to Madagascar. Thank you for your help."

Mr & Mrs E W – London N21

"We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Madagascar. The arrangements were just as we expected and [your guide and driver] could not have been more helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. We were grateful to have a guide who was so knowledgeable about this homeland and was able to pass that on to two vazaha. We…wish you success in the future."

Mr & Mrs M W – Guernsey

"I though it was about time I got round to thanking you for the Silky Sifaka trip [to Madagascar]. It was very good indeed. The whole trip got us to places we really wanted to reach and spent a sensible amount of time seeing them in detail, with no holds barred in getting to grips with our targets. Nick Garbutt certainly knows what he is doing and has a good attitude to his clients. The accommodation was good throughout, indeed after all we had read about Madagascar, it came well above our expectations. We particularly enjoyed the transport which linked up well during internal flights and, on the ground, used comfortable and suitable vehicles: we wish we could have said the same about some previous trips we have had with another company!"

Mr G M - Leicestershire

"We are writing to say how much we enjoyed our trip to Madagascar (In Search of the Silky Sifaka with Nick Garbutt), and to pass on our congratulations for the fantastic organisation. We thought the itinerary was terrific. Each location was so different that it felt like having four separate holidays, and the travelling between was interesting too...We saw lots of lemurs...and over 100 types of birds...It was an absolutely great holiday - the best we've ever had. Our only regret was that we couldn't add another week."

Ms C D - London SE1

‘We have now returned from the trip [Madagascar Overland Encounters group] and congratulate you on well-organised arrangements. We would commend both the driver and the guide... who were both excellent.’

Mr & Mrs J G - Kenya

"Take Quentin Bloxam's splendid leadership, add the delightful Malagasy people who are without exception considerate and helpful, combine to produce the irresistable product which makes an oustanding opportunity for the close-up view of the unique wildlife; and the Aye Aye and I Tour has to be hard to equal, but also it does need participants who are reasonably fit and who have a flexible attitude. The world has plenty of sandy beaches, palm trees and zoos for the less adventurous palate."

Mrs J C - Hampshire

[Letter to Quentin Bloxam - copied to our office] "Enclosed with this letter is the Leatherman which the group hopes will be a reminder to you of an enjoyable and rewarding journey through Madagascar. Please note that we made sure it is the version with the corkscrew! [We] want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for helping to make the trip so rewarding for us. It is only after experiencing such a holiday that you realise just how important good guides are - and in that department there is no doubt that we were really well served. Many thanks."

Mr & Mrs G K - Surrey

"Thank you very much for organising our tour [to Madagascar] was just right for us. We ate very well too... Belize next."

Dr F R-M - Buckinghamshire

“I want to tell you what a huge success the trip was! For both of us - for me, seeing the lemurs - and a fossa! - was the holiday and for my daughter it was the culture change. So many many thanks. We had many laughs over many things...the fossa!...It was far more interested in attacking a bicycle left by a research worker than in us and we got very close - I could see the blunt muzzle, big ears, skinny muscularness and long long tail...”

Mrs R M - Warwickshire

“We are safely back from our.. .holiday [to Madagascar] and thought you might be interested in a few impressions. The tour was a great success - all we had hoped for and always interesting. [Your representatives] did a first class organising job and we were treated like royalty.. .Our guide...was charming, always good company and amazingly knowledgeable...The driver...was quiet, calm and reliable.”

Mrs C G & MrJ G - Hampshire

“Firstly [our trip to Madagascar] was well organised and your agents...were excellent.. .charming, well informed and assiduous... I hope this account of our trip is constructive and I would certainly recommend Reef and Rainforest to anyone.”

Mrs C G - Berkshire

“We thoroughly enjoyed every destination [of the Silky Sifaka Group Tour] and were delighted to see such a variety of different habitats. We once again would like to thank you very much for the special arrangements you made to enable us to go to Marojejy. We were extremely well-looked after by the guide, who was a very intelligent young man and by the Marojejy guide, who told us a great deal about the reserve. Also we were fortunate to have an excellent cook, who, within the context of the surroundings, provided a ‘5-star cuisine’...As you can see, we have had a super time. Nick was a good leader, caring and supportive and passionate about his subject...we could do it all again.”

Mrs M F - Leicestershire

“Having returned safely to the UK after a wonderful holiday in Madagascar, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent arrangements which you made on our behalf. Our guide.. .and our driver.. .both looked after us with great care.. .it was the most wonderful holiday of our lives. When we planned it our main interest was in the lemurs and other wildlife which were indeed spectacular - we saw 14 different species of lemur, but having driven across the country I think our abiding memory will be of the people, and particularly of the children...Thank you very much indeed
for such a wonderful trip.”

Mrs M W & Mr T W - Somerset

“Our trip to Madagascar was very successful, without any hiccups except a broken track rod when the middle of nowhere. [Your representatives] were really excellent, and did much to ensure a hassle free experience.. .Many thanks for the good organisation which resulted in
a successful trip.”

Miss G J - Buckinghamshire

“As we have just returned from Madagascar, I thought I would send you a few impressions of the holiday you arranged for us, while they are fresh.. .Thank you again for setting up an exceptional holiday for us, and for the trouble you took to consult and tailor the programme to our needs. We felt that, at the end, it gave us exactly the right balance of activity, travel and rest.”

Mr H N - London SW10

“Please accept our sincere thanks for organising our wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten, tour of Madagascar; each day was a different adventure and we never knew what to expect from one day to the next! The country is one of contrasts - in every aspect. We would like to express our appreciation for the efforts and care given to us by [your representatives]; especially our tour guide.. .nothing was too much trouble and extreme care was taken to ensure that we had a smooth, comfortable trip. Our slightest requests were promptly seen to and all done in a friendly, helpful manner... Overall I think we got the balance right...! am glad we decided to drive from Tana to Tulear; the scenery was fascinating and it was interesting watching the changes in housing and farming as we went south; a journey not to be missed.. .we were left with a feeling of satisfaction and fascination at what we had done during our four week tour... Again please accept our thanks for all your help and organisation. Please also pass on to [your representatives] our appreciation of their care and efforts to ensure a memorable holiday.”

Mrs S K - Wilts

“Without question the [Aye Aye and I] trip was an extraordinarily interesting one - so much so in fact that I plan to go again. I collected a wealth of material in both what I observed and heard on all aspects of Madagascar so that by the end my note-book was full. Given all this I believe that both the duration and scope of the trip were about right...! enjoyed all the walks and did not find them strenuous... Quentin Bloxam was a mine of information and enthusiasm. He handled the party with just the right touch. [Your representatives] (notably in the person of our guide) did an
outstanding job ironing out all the problems without fuss.. .Thank you for all the arrangements you made.”

Mr P G - Hereford

“Our itinerary was good and the 2 and 3 night stops were excellent. We watched other people dash in and out. Considering the difficulty and unpredictability of the journeys 2 or 3 nights were reasonable. Most people don’t know what they missed. Our guide was excellent - English-speaking, answered all our questions and told us much about Madagascar and its people. She overcame difficulties connected to breakdowns and towards the end when we were feeling hot and tired she altered our itinerary so that we had three days rest.. .Berenty was the highlight and a great way to finish the trip...Many thanks.”

Mrs G S - Kent

“We had a fantastic trip of which Marojejy was definitely the highlight. This rainforest is truly unique and we were very fortunate to be the first tourists to go in - saying that a high level of fitness is required is very true! We were all exhausted coming down. Nick is very knowledgeable and the two Malagasy guides were excellent.

Mrs L V D - Surrey

“Safely back in Tana. The tour was an outstanding success... .We saw very large numbers of animals including one aye-aye.. .Fosa and diadema seen...over 100 birds species and 20 odd reptiles....Very Happy!”

Mr Q B - Jersey

“Marie and I just wanted to express our thanks for your part in organising our tour to Madagascar. We had the most wonderful time, and we were very impressed by all the elements of [the Aye Aye Group Tour] .. .We really enjoyed Quentin’s company and leadership throughout.. .We haven’t laughed so much in ages... .his knowledge of wildlife in Madagascar is tremendous and we learnt an awful lot.. It’s difficult to pick out a highlight...because everywhere really exceeded our expectations. We’re very grateful to you and everyone concerned.
Good luck for future tours to Madagascar; we certainly view responsible tourism as one of the main ways forward for conservation over there.”

Mr W B - Merseyside

“Both Margaret and I enjoyed ourselves very much on the [Silky Sifaka] tour.. We thought Nick acquitted himself very well indeed as the tour leader. He was clearly very expert in his particular field...All in all, a good experience, and one of which we shall treasure the memories.”

Mr J R - Cumbria

“I had a marvellous time. Your.. .arrangements went throughout without a hitch, despite the warning in your brochure of possible breakdowns in Communications [in Madagascar]. My guide was.. .knowledgeable, painstaking, good at explanations, amusing and a pleasant companion... The itinerary worked out well and I would not wish to have changed any of it... .I saw 17 species of lemur plus innumerable birds, insects, reptiles and other mammals. It was a splendid holiday and I am grateful to you.. .for arranging it and for ensuring it ran so smoothly.”

Miss P W - East Sussex

“We have just returned from our tour of Madagascar which we enjoyed very much... Based on this tour we would recommend a Reef and Rainforest tour as an introduction to Madagascar.”

Mr D W - London

“I thought we would let you know about the holiday [to Madagascar]. We had an excellent time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Considering the problems involved in travelling in a very poor country, the arrangements went extremely well and we were surprised by the high standard of the accommodation and in the main excellent food.”

Mr P R - Bath

“We recently returned from our trip to Madagascar and wish to tell you how very successful it was.. .All the arrangements went perfectly and we much admired the way you had planned our movements.. .We were able to see plenty of lemurs, many with infants.”

Mr J C - Middlesex

“Many thanks for arranging my visit to Madagascar. ..Everything went brilliantly. (Your representatives) knew about everything you had arranged and planned, and turned up on time, each time.”

Mrs A K - London

“[The Overland Group Tour was] a great introduction to Madagascar. I look forward to going back and seeing more of this amazing country. I had wanted to go to Madagasar since I was a child and after a trip to Peru with Reef and Rainforest in 1998, I thought that your company would profice me with the best experience. The trip exceeded all my expectations and thanks to everyone involved in the booking.”

Miss M N - London SW17


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IMPORTANT NOTE (1): Despite recent improvements, Madagascar still has some accommodation of a low standard, and a precarious infrastructure including unreliable domestic flights, poor communications and bad roads.  Many areas are isolated and far from medical and other services. Trails can be strenuous, campsites and park huts basic.  Bookings are only accepted if the client accepts Reef and Rainforest Tours has done everything in its power to ensure there are no difficulties, but has limited control over standards of equipment, availability of accommodation and other services, airline and hotel reservation policies, flight schedule changes or breakdowns in communications.

IMPORTANT NOTE (2): Each location generally has limited satisfactory hotels, and international and domestic flights often fill early. Because increases in hotel beds and flight seats have not kept up with visitor numbers, early booking for tailor-made tours is advisable to secure desired itineraries, particularly during high season (from late May to mid November). Some waitlisted nights are to be expected if booking less than 18 months in advance. Waitlists usually clear prior to departure.  We do our utmost to secure accommodation specified in your itinerary, but alternative accommodation will be offered and must be accepted by you in the unlikely event waitlisted nights do not clear or if the hotels over-book their rooms. Your booking is conditional on your understanding and acceptance of this situation.