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Papua New Guinea Holiday Testimonials

"Of all the very special places in the world, Papua New Guinea is unique. Those happy, honest, open people and the spectacular natural world they inhabit deserve protection and censervation."

Mr P V - London TW4

"The [Papua New Guinea] trip was a success...! got great pictures.. .and we enjoyed it very much. Our arrangements worked much better than we expected..."

Mr R M — London N1

"[Your Papua New Guinea representatives] were probably the most efficient and best organised company I have had dealings with. They were an absolute pleasure - everything worked perfectly.. .Overall an excellent holiday, very well organised and a fascinating place to visit. Most enjoyable. Thanks."

Mr P G — Surrey

"We write to express our thanks for organising another highly successful special itinerary tour [to Papua new Guinea], despite the last minute changes to our tour schedule. We were very impressed with [your representatives]. They ran a highly professional service in all aspects. The three lodges, all with their own very special character, were well run with friendly staff, clean and with good facilities. The food at all three was excellent -including the vegetarian provision. The transfer arrangements...were excellent...The excursion opportunities at all the lodges were good.. .The three contrasting locations of the lodges...enabled us to sample three very different village cultures, and their remoteness and juxtaposition to primary rainforest. . .made for excellent wildlife viewing especially for birds.. .In all our world travels so far, we have never been able to match the very special experience that combined the comfort of these individually unique lodges.. .with the opportunities to explore some of the world’s dwindling rainforest and meet its ancient and charming peoples and witness its unique birdlife. To step outside our lodge cabin [at Tari] and observe three species of birds of paradise was just magic!"

Mr A R - Devon

"There should never be less than three nights in this sensational location [Ambua Lodge] with a superb climate (hot during the day and cool at night) with very good food, and seeing the amazing Huli Wigmen with their outstanding head-dresses."

Mr D C - Essex

"An excellent trip which lived up to and exceeded our expectations.  A good mix of different locations and an introduction to different cultures which gave us a great insight into life in a very different country from our own."

Mr T B - Glasgow


By including three of the choicest locations on the main island, we aim to reveal the premier natural history and cultural attractions of the country. Verdant rainforests, cool mountains, fabulous birds of paradise, flamboyant Huli Wigmen, colourful coral reefs and traditional river tribes.  Find out more...

Staying in a high degree of comfort at some of the best wildlife lodges and dive resorts will serve to enhance the remarkable experiences in store in this wide-ranging and well-paced natural history tour. Highlands, lowlands and coast combine to create an appropriate showcase for all that is best in this last frontier of tourism.   Find out more...

A highly unusual itinerary involving fantastic out-of-the-way locations providing a diverse range of habitats and experiences. Few venture to the savannah-land of Bensbach with its Australasian wildlife, while Ambua, although more popular, is the best for PNG birds of paradise. Then come a great lodge and lovely marine resort on exotic New Britain island to round off this Papua New Guinea Wildlife Tour.  Find out more...

With almost daily activities, high quality accommodation and all meals included, this excellent value tour reveals many of the unique attractions that Papua New Guinea has to offer: beautiful birds of paradise, stunning scenery and ancient tribal cultures. Find out more...