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Rwanda Holiday Testimonials

“Please find details of the voyage report following our recent holiday to Rwanda…I would like to congratulate you and send a special thank you to everyone at Reef and Rainforest and specifically to those who engineered the Rwanda trip. For me it was a perfect experience throughout, blending the geography, natural history, culture and lifestyles in Rwanda. The group fitted together perfectly and Mike was exceptional and a pleasure to have as our ‘commander’. He was held in high regard by everyone and is a prefect choice to fulfil such an important position.”

Mr W G - Ayrshire

"I am sorry for taking so long to let you know my thoughts on my tour of Rwanda in August. It was such an amazing experience that I had to write a journal of it while everything was still fresh in my mind. There was so much to say that it took a while and of course having to go back to work and come down to earth again! Janice Booth is an excellent tour leader and I appreciated the background information she sent me beforehand so making it even more interesting. I learned and gained so much. We were fortunate to locate the Sabinyo group [of gorillas] quite quickly and the hour with them was an exhilarating experience... Hopefully Reef and Rainforest will do another trip there again sometime. I will certainly recommend it to friends."

Mrs S M - Suffolk

"This is just a quick... note to tell you what a fabulous time we had in Rwanda with Janice Booth. We have been to some stunning places before (many of them through you), but Rwanda captivated us in so many different ways that it beats the lot! We expected, of course, to he wowed by the gorillas - but they managed to exceed our expectations. To be so close to such awesome creatures in the wild is not an experience we are likely to forget. What really took us by surprise was the warmth of the welcome that we received from the people...The country itself is much diversity...Janice was terrific and [the local guide] was delightful. We could not have asked for a better team."

Mr & Mrs R Mc C - London SE10

The impressive diversity of Rwanda’s habitats and wildlife is reflected in this all-embracing Rwanda wildlife tour. The plains animals of Akagera are followed by the multitude of primates of Nyungwe Forest; the placid shores of Lake Kivu provide a gentle interlude before the tour highlight - two days of gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park. Find out more...

By offering a combined Rwanda and Tanzania safari, we aim to encapsulate the diversity of wildlife found in the African continent. The great plains animals, the epic wildebeest migration and the Big Five of northern Tanzania plus the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. Excellent value, too.  Find out more...

An ideal Africa primate safari for ape aficionados featuring the very best encounters on offer in Rwanda and Tanzania. Two unforgettable days gorilla trekking, then view an incredible 13 species of primates including chimpanzees in Nyungwe. Encounter Zanzibar’s endemic Kirk’s red colobus before spending three remarkable days with the habituated chimpanzees made famous by Jane Goodall.  Find out more...

IMPORTANT NOTE: All clients must note the following points - bookings will only be accepted on condition that these points are understood, accepted and adhered to:
1) The security situation can change, as it can in most African countries.
2) The gorillas’ health is strictly protected - no-one with a visible cold or other transmissible disease is allowed to visit them. Guides check before entering the park that everyone appears healthy, so entry cannot be guaranteed: if someone is obviously ill, or has a cold, he or she will be turned away with no refund given.
3) It can be a difficult climb to reach the gorillas, and the descent may be hard. Anyone who is fit, active and well with
no mobility problems should manage. Although guides and porters are on hand to assist, anyone who appears unable to manage the climb may have to turn back early – in any dispute, the decision of the guide is final.