The Great Madagascar Tsingy and Wildlife Adventure

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The Great Madagascar Tsingy and Wildlife Adventure

14 Days from £3581 per adult. Prices based on flight fares at the time of costing & may vary. Please ask for a definitive quote
14 Days
Group Tour
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Led by one of Madagascar’s best local guides, our new small group tour is for those with a real sense of adventure and a taste for the truly wild Madagascar. Accommodation is mostly of a surprisingly good standard as you visit some of the island’s most highly rewarding National parks in Andasibe but also venture well off the beaten track to see the largest tsingy in Madagascar.

Your group adventure begins in the wonderful Kirindy Reserve which, with eight species of lemur, has the greatest density of primates in the world. Also renowned for its rare birds and reptiles, Kirindy is also the only location where the endangered giant jumping rat is found. This is also the very best place in Madagascar to see the charismatic fossa – a cat-like top predator of lemurs that often passes through the lodge grounds. The wider region also boasts three species of baobab, epitomised by the iconic Avenue des Baobabs which will be visited at sunset.

Heading further north by road, you reach the breathtaking Tsingy of Bemaraha – a World Heritage Site of strangely eroded karst limestone peaks containing caves, sunken dry deciduous forests and many lemurs and other interesting fauna and flora. Walks in this area are challenging, require a certain amount of agility and are not suited to those with vertigo or mobility issues. Harnesses are provided in order to attach oneself to sturdy cables lining the more precipitous sections. Wildlife highlights may include the acrobatic Decken’s sifaka and endangered Madagascar fish eagle and giant coua. You then travel overland to the town of Antsirabe, famous for its colourful rickshaws and handicraft workshops giving an insight into everyday life in Madagascar.

Next comes the famous rainforest reserve of Perinet to experience a completely different ecosystem with many more special wildlife experiences. The largest species of lemur the indri, which has a haunting whale like call audible over long distances can be easily seen in Perinet Reserve. The nearby primary rainforest of Mantadia National Park will also hopefully provide encounters with the stunning diademed sifaka and black and white ruffed lemur in addition to many other lemurs and superb endemic birds such as the scaly ground roller and blue coua. The equally fascinating smaller wildlife here includes tiny pgymy chamelepons, the huge Parson’s chameleon, colourful mantella frogs and unusual invertebrates such as the giraffe-necked weevil. A fitting finale to a fantastic journey.

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Price from £3581 per adult. Based on sharing double / twin rooms

Day 1 - Antananarivo

Depart London. Arrive Tana, met on arrival and transfer to your hotel.

Staying at Relais des Plateaux. Includes In-flight Meals.

Day 2 - Antsirabe

Morning transfer to Tsarasaotra Lake in a district of Tana for some unusual urban birdwatching. Hundreds of egrets, herons, and waterfowl can all be seen around the lake and wetland habitats. In the afternoon drive 3.5 hours south through Merina villages and mosaics of rice fields to Antsirabe.

Staying at Coulear Cafe. Includes All Meals.

Day 3 - Kirindy Reserve

Depart overland (9 -10 hours) by road to Kirindy Reserve stopping many times at various points of interest and to take photographs along the journey. You will also be able to see the different ethnic groups and see how the red soil changes to fertile farming lands around the town
of Miandrivazo where cotton, rice and tobacco are grown.

You will arrive at Kirindy in time for dinner and to take an evening night walk in search of nocturnal species. Species to look for include the bizarre giant jumping rat, big-headed gecko, scops owl and six species of nocturnal lemur including the tiny Madame Berthe's mouse lemur (smallest primate in the world).

Staying at Kirindy Eco Lodge. Includes All Meals.

Day 4 - Kirindy Reserve

Morning and afternoon guided walks in the Kirindy Reserve in search of its special wildlife. Highlights may include the acrobatic Verreaux’s sifaka, red-fronted brown lemur, the impressive predatory fossa, narrow-striped mongoose and birds such as the white-breasted mesite and crested coua. In the evening take another night walk to see more nocturnal wildlife.

The 10,000-hectare Kirindy reserve is a rare remnant of Madagascar’s threatened dry tropical deciduous forest.

Staying at Kirindy Eco Lodge. Includes All Meals.

Day 5 - Bemaraha National Park

Transfer to Bekopaka, gateway to Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park, stopping for lunch at the fantastic Mad Zebu Restaurant. The National Park is a World Heritage Site, protecting a diverse range of flora and fauna and some otherworldly geology. There are tall limestone pinnacles (some 45 metres high) that support fascinating botanical communities, as well as sunken forests, lakes and open plains.

Staying at Hotel Le Soleil Des Tsingy. Includes All Meals.

Day 6 - Bemaraha National Park

A day to explore the National Park including a morning pirogue boat trip on the Manambolo River and a visit to the Petit Tsingy, a small canyon of impressive sharp limestone karst limestone rock formations.

Wildlife is abundant and lemurs include the all white Decken's sifaka, rufous-brown lemur and the locally endemic Bemaraha sportive lemur. Birds include the giant coua and rare Madagascar fish eagle.

Staying at Hotel Le Soleil Des Tsingy. Includes All Meals.

Day 7 - Bemaraha National Park

In the morning transfer along a bumpy road to the wonderful Grand Tsingy. Here the pinnacles can reach a height of 45m (150ft). The walk here is challenging, but the rewards are unforgettable, with stunning views, fascinating caverns, interesting flora and wildlife-rich dry deciduous forest. Lemurs are often spotted at various points along the walk and sometimes even on the tsingy itself.

Enjoy a rest in the afternoon back at the hotel.

Staying at Hotel Le Soleil Des Tsingy. Includes All Meals.

Day 8 - Morondava

Transfer back to Morondava via various stops along the journey such as the twisted baobab, villages and the wetlands for birdwatching.

In the late afternoon arrive at the famous Avenue des Baobabs at sunset. A sunset view of the iconic and endemic trees, some over 800 years old will provide a beautiful photographic opportunity and a lasting memory.

Staying at Palissandre Cote Ouest. Includes All Meals.

Day 9 - Antsirabe

After breakfast transfer (7 hours) back to Antsirabe with various stops along the journey. In the afternoon enjoy a city tour of this attractive Hauts Plateaux spa town including a visit to handicraft workshops such as zebu horn sculpting.

Staying at Coulear Cafe. Includes Breakfast.

Day 10 - Andasibe

Morning transfer back to Tana (3 hours) and continue (4 hours) to Andasibe, passing through many villages and rice paddies.

Before dinner take an evening night walk which may reveal Goodman’s mouse lemurs, furry-eared dwarf lemurs, pygmy chameleons, many endemic frogs, stick insects and other nocturnal species.

Staying at Andasibe Hotel. Includes Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 11 - Mantadia National Park

In the morning transfer further north and enjoy guided walks in Mantadia National Park. The reserve is an excellent location to see the diademed sifaka and the black and white ruffed lemur, plus many colurful endemic frogs such as the painted mantella and birds such as the scaly ground roller, red-breasted coua and velvet asity.

In the evening enjoy another another night walk to look for more nocturnal species.

Staying at Andasibe Hotel. Includes All Meals.

Day 12 - Perinet Reserve

Morning and afternoon excursions in Perinet reserve and optional evening night walk. The reserve is the best place to see the largest lemur species, the indri, along with common brown and bamboo lemurs and the bizarre giraffe-necked weevil.

Staying at Andasibe Hotel. Includes All Meals.

Day 13 - Perinet Reserve

Enjoy another morning walk in either Perinet or Mantadia reserves perhaps to search for some of the more elusive lemur species such as the beautiful red-bellied lemur and shy eastern bamboo lemur. In the afternoon transfer back to Tana and check in to Relais des Plateaux Hotel for day use of a room and the facilities.

Later in the evening, transfer to the airport to take your flight.

Staying at Andasibe Hotel. Includes Breakfast.

Day 14 - Arrive London

Transfer to the airport and fly to the UK.

Includes In-flight Meals.

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Flight Info:
Fly to Antananarivo via Paris from London on Air France.

Area Specialist

Ian Loyd

Walks in the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park, particulary the Grand Tsingy are challenging, require a certain amount of agility and are not suited to those with vertigo or mobility issues.

If you have any queries about this tour please feel free to call me directly on +44 (0)1803 866965 or...

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Having recently returned from a truly memorable 3 weeks in Madagascar we wanted to express our sincerest thanks to you Helen, and all at Reef and Rainforest for arranging such a superb wildlife viewing experience.

As you are aware, we were particularly keen to see and photograph the fosa. At Kirindy forest we actually encountered 3. Despite the rather challenging accommodation we would highly recommend the Kirindy experience to all those wanting an exceptional primate viewing experience.
Overall our lemur species/subspecies count was 22 and other notable sightings included 2 species of mongoose, giant jumping rats, a huge Madagascar ground boa, humpback whales and the Madagascar fish eagle.

Every detail of the trip from start to finish was superbly well arranged and managed, which cannot be easy in a country with such complex problems. Well done Helen.
All aspects of the trip were outstanding. Wildlife, people, culture and geography. We will certainly return again to visit the north of the island and return to paradise, Anjajavy.
This was our second trip with Reef and Rainforest and I cannot speak highly enough of your company. I would recommend your services to any natural world/wildlife enthusiast. Thank you again.

Mrs A & Mr J W, Selkirk

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Kirindy Ecolodge : -20.067050, 44.657240
Couleur Café: -19.867319, 47.039745
Le Soleil Des Tsingy: -18.897670, 44.829810
Relais des Plateaux: -18.834180, 47.463010
Palissandre Cote Ouest: -20.300007, 44.267781
Andasibe Hotel : -18.922638, 48.408489