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Why Choose Us - 10 Good Reasons

Reef and Rainforest Tours is the United Kingdom’s premier specialist in tailor-made natural history tours to wild tropical destinations. We have been successfully operating since 1989, so you can be confident in our experience and ability to design and deliver your perfect wildlife itinerary.

Below are ten additional compelling reasons why you should consider choosing us to arrange your next tailor-made natural history holiday.

  • All our consultants have travelled extensively within their specialist destinations, bringing invaluable experience to bear when designing and facilitating your tailor-made tour.  Our consultants do not work on commission, so you can be sure of impartial advice at all times and trust that your tour is designed entirely with your needs in mind.    
  • We are dedicated wildlife specialists with expert knowledge of where to find your favourite species, both above and below the water. Our consultants include trained zoologists and all are keen scuba divers and nature photographers: indeed, most of the images on this website were taken by us.

  • We offer a friendly and personalised service. The same specialist consultant will normally oversee your tour from start to finish.

  • Our prices usually include most meals, excursions, flights and transfers, so you know practically how much your holiday will cost.

  • You can take comfort in the knowledge that your travels are directly benefiting some of the world’s most threatened ecosystems whilst helping local communities develop in a sustainable and environmentally non-destructive way.

  • We provide the best bi-lingual naturalist guides available, many catering to special interests such as birding or botany.

  • We personally inspect hotels, resorts and lodges to ensure the highest standards are met and enable perfect tailoring of accommodation to your particular tastes and interests.

  • Booking with us saves your valuable time and takes away hassle and uncertainty, leaving you relaxed and ready to enjoy your hard earned holiday.

  • Designing and organising a successful itinerary can be surprisingly complicated: what can seem straightforward often involves many hidden pitfalls. We have some two decades of operating experience during which we have arranged hundreds of successful holidays, so you can be confident that your trip with Reef and Rainforest will run as smoothly as possible.

  • By booking with Reef and Rainforest Tours you are covered by UK law and our ATOL license, ensuring your payments are fully protected. If booking directly with the destination, you will have no financial protection and scant legal options if anything goes awry.