Borneo Accommodation,

Danum Valley Field Center


The Danum Valley Field Center offers guests the chance to stay right in the heart of the renowned conservation area, alongside scientists and researchers studying the wonderful flora and fauna of the region.

Accommodation is basic but sufficient. Only certain categories have air conditioning, which is recommended in the humid conditions. Management is currently working to improve the accommodation options for increasing tourism interest, and four new two bedroom houses are also being refurbished, which will offer a better option for guests. Meals are served buffet style in the cafeteria/restaurant area.

There is an extensive trail network available from the center, and guides can be provided. The onsite gallery contains interesting specimens from the research conducted there. This is a great option for guests who wish to be fully immersed in the Danum Valley and do not require luxury board.


Rooms have either fans or AC, ensuite bathrooms and double or twin beds. The lodge has a communal dining and relaxation area for guests to enjoy.

Local Wildlife

With over 270 species of birds and a diverse array of wildlife, including the Bornean Orangutan, Pygmy Elephant, and many other mammals, Danum Valley is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Optional Activities

Many jungle treks are available in both primary and secondary forest surrounding the lodge.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

If you have any questions regarding our Borneo tours, please feel free to contact me on +44 (0)1803 866965

Thank you for a wonderful journey. We had a lovely time in Borneo and when you get to the primary rainforest in the Danum valley it feels like you are in the Garden of Eden. Helen was very helpful in preparing our itinerary, was helpful whenever I phoned and assured us at each step. At the destination everything ran smoothly. Specific wildlife highlights: orang utans, 5 types of hornbill, crocodile, monitor lizards, short and long tailed macaque, langur monkeys, civet cats, leopard cats, mouse deer, tree frogs, wild pigs, insects, lots of birds, stingray, big turtle, baby turtles and many fish.

Miss A P - Hertfordshire