Farankaraina Forestry Station

Madagascar, Northern Madagascar,

Farankaraina Forestry Station

Reached by boat via a branch of the Antainambalana River, followed by an hour’s walk from the town of Maroantsetra, this is a relatively unexplored area that offers the best chance in all of Madagascar to see the strange nocturnal lemur, the aye- aye in the wild. Other rainforest wildlife is abundant too and includes the Northern bamboo lemur and white-fronted brown lemur as well as lots of other nocturnal wildlife. The forest here supports a large population of the giant leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus fimbriatus) and is a good location to spot lowland streaked tenrecs, ring-tailed vontsira and forest dwelling crabs. Birdlife includes the blue and red-fronted coua, the henst goshawk and is also a good location to observe many frogs.

The walking conditions are fairly moderate, but the accommodation is very basic with only very simple wooden bungalows and a campsite available.


Accommodation Near Farankaraina Forestry Station

Farankaraina Reserve Bungalows

Basic wooden bungalows surrounded by lush rainforest and just steps from a wild ...