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Beaver Tourism and a Wilder Future for Devon

The last rays of the sun are illuminating the riverbank willows, the flashing blue of a kingfisher whizzes past and seconds later a large mullet leaps clean out of the water, breaking the silence with the splash of its re-entry. Such a scene is familiar to many English rivers, but in this instance I am … Continued

Belize Barrier Reef Benefits from Success of Conservation Efforts

In June this year the UNESCO World Heritage Committee met in Bahrain and voted to remove the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, from its List of World Heritage in Danger sites. Five months earlier, the government of Belize had imposed a moratorium on oil exploration in all of … Continued

Covid-19 News

We have been offering exceptional natural history holidays for over 30 years. The safety and satisfaction of our clients is something all of us at Reef & Rainforest take very seriously. Therefore we should like to clarify the situation regarding current and future bookings during the fast changing Covid-19 pandemic and to answer below some … Continued

How Ecotourism Benefits Wildlife Conservation

Ever since Reef & Rainforest first started offering natural history tours to selected wildlife destinations, we have been aware of the enormous potential for tourism to contribute to conservation.

Incredible Tiger Sightings in May

A selection of stunning tiger pictures taken by Richard Barrett on his recent trip to India with Reef and Rainforest.

Our Congo Group Meets an Elephant at Lango Camp

In the deepest Congo, our latest group meets a bull elephant at Lango Bai in Odzala-Kokoua National Park. After days of tracking habituated western lowland gorillas, and encounters with hyena and buffalo, our group paddled down the Lekoli River and hiked into Lango bai. The forest elephants are quite shy by day, but our group … Continued

Panama’s Burbayar Lodge Reopened

WELCOME BACK BURBAYAR LODGE After four years of closure, the extensively renovated Burbayar Lodge has reopened under new management. Reef & Rainforest are delighted to welcome back one of the best jungle lodges in Panama. Burbayar Lodge is set at over 1000 ft above sea level in its own 148-acre pre-montane rainforest reserve bordering the … Continued

Pura Vida! Cost Rica Wins Earthshot Prize

In its inaugural year, Prince William’s Earthshot project has awarded £1m to Costa Rica, one of only five recipients of what is sure to become one of the world’s most influential environmental initiatives for the next decade. The Earthshot Prize is “designed to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next ten years.” … Continued

Rewilding and the Rise of Regenerative Travel

Managed correctly, wildlife tourism can have a hugely regenerative effect on the planet. It directly protects some of the world’s rarest species; it promotes sustainable land use; it encourages tree planting; it expands protected wilderness and it provides a sustainable source of income to some of the world’s poorest people.

Snorkelling with Sailfish? Really?

Where on Earth can you possibly snorkel with a sailfish? Reef & Rainforest has pioneered some extra-special wildlife encounters over our 30 years of operation, from jaguar watching in the Pantanal, through puma tracking in Chile to whale snorkelling off the east coast of Sri Lanka. Now we can offer another marine first: snorkelling with … Continued

The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Is Costa Rica calling you?
Here is a Reef and Rainforest guide to help you decide when to travel and what weather to expect.

The Best Way to Experience Namibia’s Etosha National Park

The Namib, the world’s oldest desert, is found in Namibia and gave the country its name. You might form the impression that wildlife is therefore pretty rare since deserts are not best known for prolific fauna or flora. That might be the case in a large part of this southwestern African nation, but there is … Continued

The Future of Family Holidays

In the last ten to twenty years, the concept of what constitutes an achievable family holiday has undergone a seismic shift.

The Iberian lynx – clawing back from the brink

Into the 1800s Iberian lynx were found throughout Spain, Portugal and southern France. A steady decline in population and distribution took place during the 1900s until by the 21st century, only two fragmented breeding populations remained in southern Spain, where Iberian lynx continue to hang on today. John Bassindale booked a tailor-made tour to the … Continued

The Red Tsingy: Not All It Seems

Not too far from Diego Suarez, the main town in the far north of Madagascar, lies the Tsingy of Ankarana. It is one of the two major tsingys in Madagascar, the other being the larger Tsingy of Bemaraha, north of Morondava. A tsingy is a large area of rainwater-eroded limestone displaying sharp pointed spars, ridges, … Continued

Tigers in India

The Wildlife Institute of India released its findings from its country wide tiger population census

Wild Guyana Trip Report

Our Guyana specialist Ian Loyd has written about his recent travels in the country