Region: Amazonia

Chez Les Rois

Located in a quiet residential part of Manaus, the main city of Para state, in Amazonia

Cristalino Lodge

One of the top locations in Brazil to see an excellent variety of Amazonian flora and fauna


Brazil contains the vast majority of the forest and rivers of Amazonia. The sheer scale of the Amazon basin is truly awesome, yet good wildlife viewing is only found in a few choice locations. Around Manaus and in many other parts of Amazonia, it is very difficult to spot wildlife satisfactorily, often due to hunting … Continued

Uakari Lodge

Located in the remote Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve, this community-run lodge is a floating wooden structure with only five guest bungalows

Villa Amazonia

A charming choice for those looking to experience the heart of Manaus in comfort and style.

M/Y Tucano

One of the most comfortable expeditonary vessels in the Brazilian Amazon