Region: Caribbean Coast

Southern Caribbean Coast

Displaying a strong Afro-Caribbean influence, the coast south of Limon is Costa Rica’s main backpacker base where young surfers and travellers come to enjoy inexpensive accommodation and surfing beaches. For others, however, the draw is the unspoilt environment, with rainforest reaching down to the beach and prolific bird and animal life to be observed. As … Continued

Evergreen Lodge

One of the newer properties in the Tortuguero area and just five minutes by boat from the entrance to Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park

A very popular tourist location is Tortuguero on the northern Caribbean coast, a wildlife-rich, lowland rainforest of canals and waterways usually explored by boat. Wildlife is easily seen, including many species of bird, three-toed sloth, caiman, river turtle and capuchin, squirrel and spider monkeys. Green and hawksbill turtles nest on the beaches from June to … Continued

Laguna Lodge

Sits within 14 acres of beautiful gardens and wooded grounds facing the Tortuguero lagoon, home to an abundance of fauna and flora

Cariblue Resort

Set in 5 acres of lush rainforest close to the beach in the southern Caribbean area

Pachira Lodge

Set in lush gardens on the other side of the canal from Torguguero beach.

Manatus Hotel

One of the best options in Tortuguero for those looking for luxury