Region: Central Pacific Coast

Carara National Park

Offering the best chance to see scarlet macaws outside the Osa Peninsula, Carara protects a rare tract of primary transitional rainforest between the dry deciduous zone to the north west and the wet rainforest belt to the south east. There are also many other species of birds to see, as well as mammals, reptiles and … Continued

Macaw Lodge

Peaceful eco lodge on the site of an old farm at the edge of Carará Nature Reserve on the mid-Pacific coast

Cocos Islands National Park

Its nearest land being the Galapagos Islands, this unique volcanic mount far out in the Pacific Ocean has become famous amongst scuba divers for its schooling hammerhead sharks and other pelagic marvels. Visited only by live-aboard dive boats on seven-day cruises, the island has few disembarkation points and is uninhabited apart from some rangers. Legend … Continued

Arenas del Mar

A luxurious resort on the edge of Manuel Antonio National Park on Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline

Manuel Antonio National Park

The National Park and its environs have some of the finest beaches in the country, with lush rainforest coming down to the high tide mark and containing diverse wildlife. This includes mammals such as the three-toed sloth, black howler monkey, white capuchin monkey, endangered squirrel monkey and racoon, and 184 species of birds. Between the … Continued