Region: Galapagos Islands

Sombrero Chino

Sombrero Chino lies off the south-east coast of Santiago Island. It is a volcanic cinder cone with a steep-sided crown like a Chinese hat, hence the name. There is a short trail through interesting lava formations, and very good snorkelling with possible sightings of Galapagos penguins, manta rays and white-tipped reef sharks.

Wolf and Darwin

These northernmost islands are only visited by live-aboard dive boats and consistently rank among the world’s top-10 dive sites. In one single dive at the Arch at Darwin Island it is possible to find schooling hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, large pods of dolphins, thick schools of skipjack and yellow fin tuna, big eye jacks, mobula … Continued


Santiago is one of the central islands and has a number of interesting visitor sites including the fur seal grottos and tidal pools at Puerto Egas and the lava flows at Sullivan Bay. Espumilla Beach is a good location for spotting some of the ten species of finch that can be found on Santiago and … Continued

Red Mangrove Isabela Lodge

Located on Isabela Island, on the edge of a beautiful white sand, palm-fringed beach

Villa Laguna

A friendly and charming hotel with attentive service in one of the best areas of Puerto Ayora

Ecuador Galapagos Tailor-made Tours: Everything done perfectly

[Your representatives] were extremely efficient, everything done perfectly. [Guides] were extremely knowledgeable and provided me with excellent opportunities to see birds. Helpful and attentive. Hotels everywhere were very friendly and well run. All the people I met were very good and helpful. BIRDS! – great range of species seen and habitats visited. Very enjoyable, it … Continued


Floreana is one of the most southerly islands in the Galapagos archipelago and was the first island to be settled by humans. At Punta Cormorant there is a large, brackish lagoon inhabited by one of the largest flamingo populations in the Galapagos Islands. There is excellent snorkelling at Devil’s Crown, a sunken cinder cone with … Continued

Ecuador and Galapagos Holiday

A really good insight into the different habitats and environments in Ecuador. Highly recommended. Really enjoyed our trip and appreciated how well it was organised. Will be looking through your website in the coming weeks to plan our next trip. Would recommend the company to others. Thank you.

Cachalote Explorer

A comfortable and spacious First Class Motor Vessel with ample deck space for relaxation

North Seymour

With its location close to Baltra and Santa Cruz, North Seymour is one of the most visited islands in the archipelago. However, it is well worth a visit for its abundant wildlife including nesting areas of marine iguanas, and the islands’ largest colony of magnificent frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies. Land iguanas can also occasionally be … Continued


One of the youngest, Isabela is also the largest of the Galapagos Islands with five of its greatest volcanoes including Wolf, the highest at 1,646 metres. Despite Isabela’s size, there are relatively few landing sites because most of the island is covered in solidified lava. The town of Puerto Villamil in the south-east houses a … Continued


Fernandina is the westernmost, third largest, youngest and most volcanically active of the Galapagos Islands, with a dramatic landscape of lava largely devoid of vegetation. It is dominated by a large domed cone reaching almost to 1,500 metres. At Punta Espinosa you can see flightless cormorants, sea lions, blue-footed boobies and an abundance of marine … Continued

Isamar Hotel

Positioned right on the beach in the port village of Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island

Ecuador Galapagos Tailor-made Tours: A marvellous contrast of scenery and wildlife

[WILDLIFE HIGHLIGHTS] Amazon – harpy eagle, brown howlers, golden backed tamarins, dusky tee-tee monkeys, caimans, giant anaconda & loads of fabulous birds. Galapagos – giant school of pilot whales, white-tip reef shark, underwater views of penguins, cormorants, iguana and seals. An excellent trip…marvellous contrast of scenery and wildlife between the different locations. Many thanks!


A classic, teak decked schooner ideal for an intimate Galapagos cruise experience

Ecuador Galapagos Tailor-made Tours: Excellent Trip

The trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos was excellent. The boat was very comfortable and well run and the jungle lodge was fascinating – we saw lots of wildlife, including a rainbow boa beneath our cabin. You were right to advise us to spend the whole week in the islands – any less would not … Continued

Galapagos Islands

With dramatic volcanic landscapes and lying directly on the Equator, the geologically-recent Galapagos Islands rate as one of the most unusual wildlife locations in the world. Above water there are plants and semi-tame animals whose geographical isolation and adaptation to the harsh conditions have led to the evolution of many unique natural histories, including marine … Continued


A fast, comfortable motor yacht with a spacious lounge and ample deck space

Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge

Newly refurbished hotel in the Galapagos Islands faces Academy Bay on the edge of Puerto Ayora

Ecuador Galapagos Tailor-made Tours: extremely impressed

Having never been on a tailor-made holiday we were extremely impressed with how smoothly our holiday went and it made our honeymoon much more enjoyable not to have to worry about the transfers. However, what impressed us most about your company was the helpfulness before we booked. Jonathan Morris was extremely helpful and suggested what … Continued

Ecuador Galapagos Tailor-made Tours: lived up to expectations

The wildlife – especially in the Galapagos was superb + lived up to expectations. Our real Galapagos highlights were sub-aquatic – the marine life being spectacular – whales, manta rays, stingrays, sharks, sea lions, marine iguanas, octopi, plus so many huge fish!

Mary Anne

With only 16 guests the Mary Anne provides ample space both in the cabins and the communal areas


It is a long way to the northern island of Genovesa, so few ships make the journey, but you should consider it well worth a visit as you sail into a large sunken crater to anchor. The island is home to the biggest colony of red-footed boobies in the Galapagos Islands which can be seen … Continued

Santa Fe

One of the central islands, Santa Fe has just one visitor site in a sheltered bay which is a good location for snorkelling and swimming. The beach is patrolled by male sea-lions which can make for an interesting landing, and vigilance is required when snorkelling. There are two trails, the most commonly used passing through … Continued


The most luxurious of the small motor yachts cruising the Galapagos Islands

Albemarle Hotel

Luxurious family run hotel positioned just steps from a beautiful white sand beach near Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island

South Plaza

Located close to the north-east coast of Santa Cruz Island and thus within easy reach of Puerto Ayora, South Plaza is one of the most visited sites. Despite that, it has a good variety of wildlife to be seen, including land iguanas and one of the most concentrated sea lion colonies in the whole of … Continued


Samba is a Dutch built steel-hulled motor yacht

Ecuador Galapagos Tailor-made Tours: simply unbelievable

Here is the report on the trip I have just finished, visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos… The [AMAZON RAINFOREST LODGE] is delightful. The rooms are very comfortable with a view over the lagoon spectacular and we woke to the sound of howler monkeys every morning…We spent a couple of nights at [THE CLOUD FOREST LODGE], … Continued

La Pinta

Relaxed yet luxurious expedition atmosphere with state of the art interpretation facilities


Visitors who climb the 600-metre boardwalk through a moon-like landscape of volcanic ash and spatter cones to the summit of Bartolome Island are rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view featuring a prominent rock – probably the most photographed landscape of the Galapagos Islands. There is an excellent snorkelling spot at the foot of Pinnacle Rock … Continued

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the most central and most populated of the Galapagos Islands, with most people living in the town of Puerto Ayora, where the Charles Darwin Research Centre is also found. It includes a visitor centre and a giant tortoise breeding programme, and was the home of Lonesome George, for years the sole survivor … Continued

Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos Holiday

This was our second holiday booked by Reef and Rainforest. It was as excellent this time round. John Melton put together a really enjoyable first week in Peru…Spectacular Galapagos in every respect…Could not have gone better.


A luxury modern expedition cruise shop built in a classic 1920s style

Finch Bay Eco Hotel

Located in front of a mangrove-lined beach across the bay from town in a peaceful, car-free location


A motor yacht offering excellent itineraries visiting northern/western and central/southern islands

Floreana Lava Lodge

Simple pinewood cabins located just 5 minutes’ walk from the town and facing the bay

Ikala Hotel

Central location in the main Galapagos town of Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island), only a few minutes walk from the main pier and ferry terminal

Galapagos Cruises

Explore one of the world’s great natural wonders where geographical isolation has led to the evolution of may unique species, including marine iguanas, giant toroises and Darwin finches.


The southernmost Galapagos island of Espanola has one of the most interesting visitor sites at Punta Suarez. There are numerous sea lions and marine iguanas at the landing point, and a 1.6 mile circular trail passes masked boobies, blue-footed boobies and, from April to December, waved albatross. Espanola is the only place in the Galapagos … Continued


South of Santiago Island, Rabida has a distinctive red sand beach made from eroded cinder cliffs. Pelicans can sometimes to be seen nesting in the saltbush which backs the beach, and sea lions and the occasional flamingo in a saltwater lagoon behind the beach. There is a steep, looped trail where some of the island’s … Continued

Ecuador Galapagos Tailor-made Tours: Sorry, but you are stuck with us!

I cannot fault the boat, the crew, or the food. I would not go on the big 100 passenger boats as we were first onto the beaches and in easy reach being smaller and closer inshore…The Galapagos is a one-off place where heaven meets the Earth…Your efficiency here and your guides in Quito are of … Continued