Region: Ethiopia

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is Africa’s fourth-largest city and its diplomatic capital. Founded more than a century ago, its name means “new flower” in Amharic. At an elevation of 2,400m (7,874 ft), it’s the third highest capital in the world and the climate is pleasantly cool. The city mixes past and present, the streets a mishmash of … Continued

Goha Hotel

A large hilltop hotel retreat offering panoramic views of historic Gondar city.

Simien Mountains

Found in the north of Ethiopia, the Simien Mountains form a rugged range created by volcanic eruptions 20 million years ago and reaching altitudes of over 4,000 metres. Since then they have been transformed by erosion and 2,000 years of agriculture to arrive at their present day appearance. The mountains were designated a National Park … Continued

Maribela Hotel

One of the most comfortable and traditional hotels in Lalibela, overlooking a dramatic valley.

Hara Langano Lodge

A peaceful lakeside lodge on Lake Langano, perfect for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

Bale Mountains

A National Park with an extraordinarily diverse range of landscapes and home to some of Ethiopia’s most special wildlife.

Haile Resort Lake Awassa

With Lake Awassa right on the doorstep, this stunning resort is a highlight when visiting Ethiopia.


Ethiopia’s former capital city is steeped in history and celebrated for its castles and the Debre Berhan Selassie Church.

Sabana Beach Resort

A comfortable beach resort just 200 km South of Addis, on the shores of Lake Langano in the heart of the Great Rift Valley.


A land of unlikely contrasts, unique fauna, spectacular cultures and jaw-dropping scenery.

Washington Hotel

A comfortable four star hotel with a great central location in downtown Addis Ababa

Haile Resort Gondar

A new, modern and comfortable hotel of the famous Haile Resorts chain in the historic city of Gondar.

Highlights of Ethiopia in Comfort

A well paced and comfortable itinerary designed to showcase the top wildlife and historical highlights of Ethiopia.


The remarkable hand sculpted monolithic rock hewn churches of Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s must see attractions.

Bale Mountain Lodge

A relaxing cosy eco mountain lodge with excellent wildlife spotting opportunities nearby and wonderful views

Doho Lodge

Doho Lodge is a wonderful welcoming and rustic lakeside lodge located next to the Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve.

Getfam Hotel

A welcoming and comfortable luxury hotel located in Addis Ababa. A perfect place to rest on arrival or departure into Ethiopia.

Lake Langano

A huge Great Rift Valley Lake with fantastic birdwatching.

Awash Falls Lodge

A fabulous rustic style lodge located right above the Awash Falls.

Lake Awassa

Situated in Africa’s Great Rift Valley about 300 km south of Addis Ababa, Awassa is one of Ethiopia’s most attractive lakes, supporting a wide variety of water birds and hippos. With a surface area of 129 square kilometres and fringed by wetlands, woodlands and numerous small villages, Lake Awassa also has a very large population … Continued

Simien Lodge

The highest lodge in Africa, situated at 3260 m above sea level close to the Simien Mountains National Park boundary.

Limalimo Hotel

A stunning eco-lodge located inside the Simien Mountains National Park boundaries influenced by its natural surroundings.


Truly the Big One

Panoramic View Hotel

Situated high on Lalibela mountain, with breathtaking panoramic views of the area and just a short walk from the famous churches

Sora Lodge

A small, family run lodge with authentic Tukul hut rooms and superb evening sunset views of rolling hills.

Omo Valley

The home for one of the most unique tribal cultures in the world.