Region: Madagascar

Madagascar Wildlife Highlights

An outstanding Madagascan wildlife holiday featuring exceptional wildlife, remarkable scenery and much more, all in comfortable accommodation.

Isalo Rock Lodge

A luxurious retreat set in a truly stunning position overlooking Isalo National Park

Mitsio Archipelago

Uninhabited except by a few small fishing hamlets and one tourist resort, Mitsio is a collection of small islands 40 nautical miles north east of Nosy Be affording excellent diving and snorkelling on vibrant fringing coral reefs. Each island has a unique character; eg La Grande Mitsio is known for its huge basalt columns (the … Continued

Le Palmarium Reserve et Hotel

A fantastic but rustic lodge on the edge of the Pangalanes Canal, perfect for photographers and families.

Akiba Lodge Anjahakely

Akiba Lodge is ideal for wildlife lovers looking for a nature experience off the beaten track and a chance to see and support the conservation of the rare Perrier’s sifaka.

Mantadia Lodge

The newest and most comfortable accommodation for the wildlife rich Andasibe region.


Another area to see the remarkable spiny forest. Also offers great birding, as well as interesting reptiles and invertebrates.

Ankarana Lodge

Comfortable accommodation close to Ankarana National Park, one of Madagascar’s most exciting reserves

Indian Ocean

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean possess many travel pearls

Domaine de Fontenay

Colonial style lodge on the edge of Montagne d’Ambre National Park and with access to a private forest reserve.

Namoroka Tsingy Camp

A brand new lodge in the remote Tsingy de Namoroka National Park.

Relais de l’Ankarana

A simple lodge located just 200 meters from the entrance track to Ankarana National Park.

Palissandre Cote Ouest

An excellent beachside resort in Morondava featuring beautifully designed bungalows, a large swimming pool and good restaurant.

Akiba Lodge Marofandilia

A fantastic lodge in the heart of Menabe Antimena’s dry forest, within easy reach of the Avenue of the Baobabs.

Zombitse Vohibasia National Park

Normally included as a short stop between Isalo and Tulear, the rare forests of Zombitse Vohibasia is in a transition zone between dry deciduous and spiny forest habitats. Birders will be interested to learn it protects 47% of Madagascar’s endemic birds and appreciate seeing Appert’s greenbul (found nowhere else), giant, Coquerel’s and olive-capped couas, as … Continued

Relais de la Reine

An exquisite hotel in a stunning location with outstanding service, delicious food and top quality accommodation.

Nosy Mangabe

Rising to 1000 feet off the luxuriant Masoala peninsula, the island is home to the shy aye-aye – subject of one of the Durrell Wildlife’s captive breeding projects – four further lemur species, reptiles such as leaf-tailed gecko and the rare tree boa, and two species of tenrec. Hikes can be taken around the island’s … Continued

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: Loved it all!

Loved it all! 17 species of lemurs, loads of reptiles and endemic birds. Did masses of photography. Highlights included male giraffe necked weevil, witnessing an indri howling and Verreauxs sifakas jumping through the trees in gorgeous early morning light. [Our guide] was great as were local guides. Very happy with the itinerary. We wanted it … Continued

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: Guides with a real love for the wildlife

“It was a fab trip. Everything went very well in Madagascar. All the local guides were really good but special praise goes to [our guide] at Andasibe – so knowledgeable and interesting. He, like all the guides, showed a real love for the wildlife and environment. Excellent wildlife: highlights – fosas in daylight within 10 … Continued

Betsileo Country Lodge

A wonderful lodge, in close proximity to both the town of Ambalavao and the Anja Community Reserve.

Arotel Antsirabe

Recently upgraded, the Arotel offers the most luxurious accommodation in Antsirabe.

Isalo Ranch

A charming but simple hotel overlooking the Isalo Massif with accommodation in basic African style bungalows.

Tsimanampetsotsa National Park

A RAMSAR site, it is the newest designated National Park in Madagascar and one of its most unusual reserves. It comprises a milky blue 15-km long saline lake populated by pink and dwarf flamingos and other wading birds, with an adjacent limestone escarpment covered in rare pachypodium-dominated spiny forest displaying extreme adaptation to the arid … Continued

Moringa Hotel

A comfortable, eco-friendly hotel in the heart of Tulear.

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: Excellent service and wildlife

It was an excellent trip. I saw a lot of a wonderful country and would like to return. The Malagasy people are lovely. Friendly and hospitable throughout. Everything was done to ensure we were happy and comfortable. Excellent service and wildlife. Wildlife highlights: mating fosas, close encounters with indri, diademed sifaka and ringtailed lemurs above … Continued

Les Roches Rouges

A comfortable modern hotel with excellent, friendly service

Les Dunes d’Ifaty

One of the best hotels in Ifaty, this comfortable and well positioned accommodation is both near the spiny forest and good beaches.

Satrana Lodge

Comfortable tented accommodation within Isalo National Park, conveniently situated just off RN7

Tamboho Hotel

Comfortable hotel set in landscaped gardens and opposite the Tana Waterfront shopping centre

Auberge De La Table

A small charming lodge just twenty minutes outside of Tulear and adjacent to the Antsokay Arboretum for wildlife walks.

Vanilla Hotel

Located on the beautiful island of Nosy Be, this hotel offers stunning views of the sea and very comfortable rooms

Chez Maggie

Pleasant bungalows along the beachfront facing the Mozambique channel

Centrest Sejour

A recently renovated lodge on the outskirts of Ranomafana village and close to the National Park entrance.


Located approximately 90 minutes’ drive to the north of Tana, Anjozorobe is perhaps the last remaining viable hauts plateaux forest in Madagascar, and one of the richest for biodiversity. Ten species of lemur, including indri and diademed sifaka, inhabit the high altitude (over 1500m) and montane (800m – 1500m) forests, which are drier and more … Continued

Madagascar Holiday

We had a great holiday seeing and getting close to more wildlife than we’d imagined. The guides and wildlife guides were excellent and very knowledgeable. The accommodation and food was excellent and we were able to relax given how well everything was planned. Thank you!

Ile Sainte Marie

Sixty kilometres long and only seven wide, this pretty island off the east coast of Madagascar is best known for humpback whale-watching between July and September. The whales come to the sheltered waters between the island and the mainland to engage in courtship and give birth to their young. Ste Marie is also noted for … Continued

Princesse Bora Lodge

Spacious, detached villas with stunning sunset views, and a restaurant considered among the best on the island.

Relais du Masoala

A comfortable hotel close to the beach on the edge of the Masoala’s main town of Maroanstsetra

Thermal Hotel Ranomafana

A wonderfully restored hotel offering one of the most modern accommodations for the Ranomafana National Park.


North of Tulear on an Indian Ocean beach, Ifaty enables visits to both spiny forest and offshore reefs. The spiny forest is a bizarre tangled mix of drought-resistant plants with extravagant adaptations to their environment such as baobabs and didieracae (known as octopus trees). This is a good location for locally endemic birds including nightjar, … Continued

Maison Gallieni

A beautifully furnished four-bedroom guesthouse, with views over Antananarivo

EcoLodge Chez Arol

Rustic bungalow accommodation on the edge of the wonderful Masoala National Park.

Quest for the Aye Aye and Undiscovered Masoala

Discover the Reefs and Rainforests of wild Masoala National Park and go search of the mysterious aye aye, iconic helmet vanga and agile red ruffed lemur in their natural habitats.

Antoremba Lodge

A charming seafront lodge, on a private beach looking out towards Nosy Be

Baobab Hotel

Set directly on the beach, the Baobab Hotel offers stunning views of the bay and comfortable bungalow options.

Karibu Lodge

One of the most comfortable hotels in Mahajunga, with sea views.

Mandrare River

The Ifotaka and Mandrare River region (near Fort Dauphin and Berenty) is an area of dry spiny forest and riverine or gallery forest with ninety-five per cent endemicity, home to the proud Antandroy tribe with its fiercely held traditions and a fascinating culture. The forest is sacred to the Antandroy and much hunting is fady … Continued

Aye-Aye Forest Camp

A beachfront camp backed by Farankaraina forest, one of the best reserves to search for the elusive aye-aye.

Kirindy Eco Lodge

The only accommodation available within Kirindy Special Reserve

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: A complete Holiday Treat

[Our escort guide] was excellent – he had amazing vocabulary and was always good natured, patient and attentive. He provided us with a great commentary to the country and proved to be a brilliant wildlife spotter. Wildlife highlights: seeing a streaked tenrec, snorkelling with green turtles, the pygmy chameleons, the biggest giant millipede I’ve ever … Continued

Couleur Cafe

Comfortable rooms with large private bathrooms surrounded by beautiful gardens

Anakao Ocean Lodge

Beautifully positioned new hotel overlooking the stunning Mozambique Channel

Manga Beach Hotel

The best accommodation in Maroantsetra with comfortable but simplistic rooms and a good view towards Nosy Mangabe Island.

Marojejy Campsites

Simple park run campsites at different elevations in Marojejy National Park.

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: A Superb Wildlife Experience

Having recently returned from a truly memorable 3 weeks in Madagascar we wanted to express our sincerest thanks to you Helen, and all at Reef and Rainforest for arranging such a superb wildlife viewing experience. As you are aware, we were particularly keen to see and photograph the fosa. At Kirindy forest we actually encountered … Continued

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: We were thrilled by the wildlife

It was lovely to meet Helen face-to-face and to devise the ideal trip with her – her enthusiasm for Madagascar certainly confirmed us in our choice of destination. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, seemed genuinely interested in their work and in interacting with tourists. Invaluable in spotting wildlife and discussing uses of local medicinal plants. [Our … Continued

Pavillion de Lemyrne

Lovely boutique hotel located in Antananarivo’s historic Upper Town

Ranomafana National Park

The discovery of the endangered golden bamboo lemur in 1986 and rediscovery of the greater bamboo lemur soon after led to National Park status in 1991. The montane rainforest hills beside the rushing Namorona River harbour 12 species of lemur and around 120 bird species. It is also renowned for its many orchids, bright day … Continued

Wild Madagascar in Comfort

An extra-special itinerary crafted to take in all the top wildlife, cultural and historical highlights with minimal travel and superb luxury accommodations.

Sakatia Lodge

A wonderful family run and seafront lodge on the small island of Nosy Sakatia, popular amongst divers and snorkellers.

Feon Ny Ala

A simple but comfortable hotel close to Perinet Reserve where indri can often be heard at dawn.

Andasibe Hotel

One of the most comfortable accommodations in Andasibe.

Hotel Le Soleil des Tsingy

Beautiful lodge has extremely comfortable rooms with attractive décor amid lovely surroundings

Constance Tsarabanjina

Luxury boutique resort set within 22 hectares of naturally wooded hillocks edged by white-sand beaches

Au Bois Vert

Set in three hectares of peaceful and attractive gardens. Ideal for stopovers

Marojejy National Park

From the spice town of Sambava, penetrate inland to the pristine primary rainforests and highlands of Marojejy National Park – one of the most challenging wildlife locations on the island. Having been a Strict Reserve until the end of 1998, it had only been explored by scientific researchers. In 1999, clients of Reef & Rainforest … Continued

Anjajavy Le Lodge

Luxurious hotel set along a beautiful beach, on a remote peninsula in northwest Madagascar.

Berenty Reserve

Berenty is a long-established private reserve set amidst sisal plantations, with habituated ring-tailed lemurs, ‘dancing’ Verreaux’s sifakas and beguiling brown lemurs seen from wide, easy trails in the gallery (riverine) forest and patches of spiny forest near the reserve’s lodge. Sightings of lemurs are guaranteed, giving ample scope for good photographs. Fruit bats nest in … Continued

Gite D’Ampijoroa

Basic accommodation but with a prime location within the Ankarafantsika National Park and plenty of wildlife all around.

Madagascar’s Endemic Birds

A comprehensive itinerary taking in all of Madagascar’s main ecosystems and focusing on its unique birdlife in addition to its lemurs and other wildlife.


Situated in the central highland region known as the Hauts Plateaux, the capital Antananarivo (known as Tana) was built in a commanding position atop a long ridge 1400m above sea level. Founded in 1610, it is the largest city in Madagascar with over two million inhabitants. As Tana is the hub for international and domestic … Continued

Mandrare River Camp

One of Madagascar’s most iconic luxury, tented lodges on the banks of the Mandrare River in the remote spiny forest and ancestral lands of the Antandroy Tribe.

Kirindy Reserve

Kirindy (once known as the Swiss Forest) is a private dry deciduous forest reserve claimed to have the greatest density of primates in the world, with eight species of lemur including Verreaux’s sifaka and the world’s smallest primate, the pygmy mouse lemur, and 23 species of other mammals including fosa, the lemurs’ main predator, often … Continued

Montagne d’Ambre

Easily accessible from Diego Suarez (also known as Antsiranana), Amber Mountain is a large volcanic hill of montane rainforest situated in a semi-arid plain and lies between altitudes of 850m and 1475m. It is characterised by towering trees, waterfalls, streams, crater lakes, ferns and orchids. The reserve has a high endemicity and contains 77 bird … Continued


The accessible and popular rainforest region reached by an easy drive from the capital, it consists of two protected tracts of adjacent montane rainforest: Analamazaotra Special Reserve (usually known as Périnet and situated near the village of Andasibe) and Mantadia National Park. There are also several smaller community managed forest reserves run by the assocation … Continued

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba (Lemur Island) is a small rainforest-covered volcanic island located between mainland Madagascar at Ankify and the ‘big island’ of Nosy Be. It offers far more peace and solitude than Nosy Be, with quiet white-sand beaches and no roads. There are various hiking trails on the island where wild lemurs and other wildlife may … Continued

L‘Heure Bleue

Award-winning seaside hotel on the island of Nosy Be overlooking the long sandy beach of Ambataloaka

Madagascar Holiday

Thanks to everyone at Reef and Rainforest for making our holiday so memorable. I came home feeling like we had great experiences in Madagascar and that our itinerary had been really well planned to ensure we saw a great variety of what the country is about. Ian and the team were fantastic while we were … Continued

Vakona Forest Lodge

One of the original and most comfortable hotels in the Andasibe area with a peaceful and attractive location next to a lake.

Bakuba Lodge

A beautifully creative small lodge, with stunning views over the Table Mountain and spiny forest.

Saha Forest Camp

Comfortable, friendly camp built into the side of a hillside overlooking rice paddies in Anjzorobe

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

A World Heritage Site only accessible to the public since 1998, this tsingy offers an other-worldly experience. Visitors are surrounded by tall limestone pinnacles, some over 45m (150 feet) high, and can enter (sometimes via ropes) sunken dry deciduous forest harbouring unusual flora and fauna. Plants such as aloe, pachypodium and delonix cling to the … Continued

Relais du Kirindy

The most comfortable accommodation option for visiting Kirindy Reserve.

Blue Vanga Lodge

Located in a rural part of Ampijoroa close to Ankarafantsika National Park.

Sahamalaza Campsite

Very simple tented campsite in the remote Sahamalaza-îles Radama, famous for its blue-eyed black lemurs.

Anja Community Reserve

A project initiated in 1999, Anja Park is a small (8ha) community-managed reserve 15km south of Ambalavao, visited on a 1-2 hour walk to see habituated lemurs including plenty of ring tailed lemurs (you may even get the ‘lemur on the shoulder’ experience). The surroundings are beautiful with impressive rock formations and interesting arid-adapted flora. … Continued


Reef & Rainforest is the UK’s longest-established specialist for Madagascar, having operated there since 1992


An exceptional location for wildlife viewing and coastal relaxation, the Anjajavy peninsula in the north-west of Madagascar has thousands of acres of dry deciduous forest in which at least two species of baobab can be found as well as Coquerel’s sifaka, aye-aye, common brown lemur, Milne Edwards sportive lemur, pale fork-marked lemur, tenrecs, chameleons and … Continued

Madagascar Holiday

Our highlights were the lemurs of course, but the sheer variety of them was amazing and we really loved how close some got. The spiny forest was particularly great for photographs because of such amazing backgrounds. Also loved the whale shark dive and the reefs were beautifully clear.

The Residence Villas

Luxury rental villas in a wonderfully secluded location upon the beautiful Nosy Be Island

Tampolo Lodge

A welcoming lodge in a beautiful setting on a white-sand beach on the remote Masoala peninsula.


Truly the Big One

Setam Lodge

Comfortable small lodge situated close to the primary rainforest of Ranomafana National Park

Manga Soa Lodge

A luxury experience ideal for some down time after an exciting wildlife journey

Le Royal Palace

A smart and modern business style hotel, located in central Antsirabe.

Hotel La Croix Du Sud

A lovely small hotel in central Fort Dauphin, between the Anosy mountains and beautiful sandy beaches.

Masoala Forest Lodge

One of Madagascar’s very best wildlife lodges offering comfort, excellent food and service, sea views and rainforest on your doorstep.

Andasibe Lemurs Lodge

Wake to the song of the indri at this comfortable lodge, ideally placed for rainforest exploration.

Relais des Plateaux

Comfortable three-star hotel set in exotic gardens with restaurant serving delicious French cuisine

Nosy Be

Nosy Be, a large volcanic island eight kilometres off the north coast, is the country’s most popular location for visitors, who come seeking beach relaxation and to explore the surrounding smaller islands such as Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Tanikely. It is intensively cultivated with plantations of coffee, cinnamon, cocoa, ylang ylang and vanilla, … Continued

Le Jardin du Roy

Impressive luxury hotel in a dramatic setting serving delicious food

Iharana Bush Camp

A wonderful rustic Bush Camp with stunning views of the Tsingy.

Berenty Lodge

Basic accommodation with easy walking along well tended, level and wide trails in shady riverine gallery forest

Isalo National Park

Famed for its stunningly eroded, Jurassic sandstone runiforme scenery, strange plants, canyon-dwelling lemurs and pandanus, the Isalo massif rises majestically from the flat Horombe plateau. The park offers wonderful hiking through impressive gorges, canyons and forested areas of fire-resistant tapia on which the endemic Malagasy silk worm feeds (harvested for centuries to weave expensive burial … Continued

Litchi Tree

Set in a commanding position with views over the forest to the Mozambique Channel and Diego Suarez Bay

Ravintsara Wellness Hotel

With its extraordinary setting and its wide range of facilities Ravintsara Wellness Resort offers a luxurious break in the middle of nature.

Nature Lodge

Charming bungalows offering a superb panoramic view of the Bay of Diego, the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar Holiday

Large variety of lemurs, indri and sifakas in different surroundings. Watching families leaping from tree to tree was enthralling. Chameleons, from a two day old hatchling to larger ones displaying their unusual movements was captivating. Beautiful and unusual birds in a variety of habitats. Watching a kingfisher wait, catch and then consume a large crab … Continued

Andringitra National Park

A spectacular and biodiverse reserve with an altitude range of 500 to 2,658 metres and mountainous outcrops of ancient Precambrian granite, waterfalls, lakes and unusual vegetation. Pic Boby, Madagascar’s second highest mountain, is a tough climb but there are other less challenging trails through some magnificent scenery and habitats, including lowland forest, high humid tropical … Continued

Tsara Komba Lodge

Boutique hotel offering spacious and stylish accommodation in the sheltered south of Nosy Komba island

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: Our tour was immensely enjoyable

I feel the tour was immensely enjoyable, well-constructed and gave a good overview of eastern and southern Madagascar. [Our guide and driver] are to be commended for their attention to our needs at all times. [Our guide] was outstanding – he couldn’t have done more to make our holiday better. I would have no hesitation … Continued

Le Camp Tattersalli

Simple accommodation run by the local community in the land of the rare golden-crowned sifaka.

Ankarana National Park

A massif of sharply-eroded karst limestone pinnacles (called tsingy locally) with sunken patches of dry deciduous forest containing a high density of primates, Ankarana National Park boasts beautiful lakes, underground rivers, sinkholes (cenotes) and caves with evidence of ancient civilisations, and the world’s only cave-dwelling crocodiles. Ankarana, accessed through Diego Suarez (Antsiranana), combines well with … Continued

Madagascar Tailor-made Holiday: I will never forget this trip in my life

Tour guide was perfect (Excellent++). Attentive and caring. Outstanding person. Became part of the family. Give her an award!!! Local guides very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and pleasant people to be with. Helen’s enthusiastic and sparkling voice was a pleasure to hear on the ‘phone. All questions answered in detail and printed information sent was helpful. … Continued

Andohahela National Park

Lying between Fort Dauphin and Berenty, it protects a surprising range of habitats for its 760 sq kms. Rainfall patterns over the Anosy mountain range have led to eastern humid rainforest at one extreme, and lower rainfall in another section has given rise to dry spiny forest at the other. The area in between is … Continued

Nosy Ve

Nosy Ve is an uninhabited coral island three kilometres off Anakao in the far southwest with deserted white-sand beaches and low greenery with little shade. Local fady (taboos) have left Nosy Ve unspoilt and provided a safe nesting ground for many red-tailed tropicbirds which allow close approach. Mediocre snorkelling is available on the fringing reef … Continued

Masoala National Park

The Masoala peninsula protects the last remaining extensive coastal lowland rainforest in Madagascar. Given World Heritage Site status in June 2007 and accessible only by boat, the reserve boasts staggering biodiversity and a wide variety of habitats: rainforest, littoral forest, marsh, flooded forest, mangrove and coral reefs are all represented. Masoala has a staggering 50% … Continued

Madagascar Holiday – Everything worked so well..

Thank you so much to you and your team for a wonderful holiday and experience. Everything worked so well, flowed so well and we felt most welcome in Madagascar. Our guide was just FANTASTIC! He deserves a very special congratulations for his patience, willingness to assist, his ability to ensure everything went smoothly, his local … Continued

Le Camp Amoureux

Comfortable accommodation within reasonable proximity to Kirindy


Remote and little visited, this is about as isolated as you can get. A beautiful deserted beach and small fringing reef, with nothing but passing fishing pirogues to break the isolation, this is the place for those who want to get completely off the beaten track and a good base from which to visit Tsimanampetsotsa … Continued

Ankarafantsika National Park

Ankarafantsika, commonly known as Ampijoroa, is a prime tract of tropical dry deciduous forest combined with a lake harbouring Nile crocodiles and highly endangered Madagascar fish eagles. The reserve contains many other rare, endemic birds including Van Dam’s vanga, sickle-billed vanga, white-breasted mesite, Schlegel’s asity and red-capped coua. Reptiles are plentiful in the dry forest … Continued

Lodge de la Saline

A comfortable, eco-friendly lodge in the heart of the Delta

Eden Lodge

Offers wonderful, secluded accommodation in luxury safari style tented rooms and a private three-bedroom villa, all set on beautiful Baobab Beach