Region: Swakopmund

Henties Bay

Henties Bay is a quirky holiday town with various restaurants, bars, guesthouses and holiday homes. Very quiet off season but lively in-season with holiday-makers attracted by its angling opportunities and for the long wild beach – locals drive along it and in the surrounding plains, although such activity is not recommended due to the sensitive … Continued

Atlantik Sicht

A very comfortable three-bed apartment close to the centre of Swakopmund with its shops and restaurants.

Walvis Bay

Bartholomew Diaz was the first European to sight this, the only deep water port in Namibia, in 1487. The port became popular with American whaling ships in the 18th Century, when it was given the name Walvis Baai (Afrikaans for ‘Whale Bay’). The British annexed Walvis Bay in 1867 having realised its potential for fishing … Continued

The Delight Swakopmund

A colourful, modern hotel right in the heart of Swakopmund with flamboyant decorative touches


An improbable, quirky, fun and friendly coastal resort town with wide streets and German colonial architecture, Swakopmund lies isolated on the edge of the Namib Desert with the cold and wild Atlantic Ocean to the west, the dune belt of the Great Sand Sea rising to the south and barren Namib gravel plains to the … Continued

Hansa Hotel

A classic German colonial hotel on the Atlantic coast in Swakopmund

Cornerstone Guesthouse

Offers the charm and intimacy of a family-run bed and breakfast combined with some of the amenities of a luxury hotel