Region: São Tomé Island

Obo National Park

The only national park in the country, Obô has sections on both São Tomé and Príncipe islands and covers nearly 30% of the islands’ total area. The park’s 300 square kilometres consist mainly of lush primary rainforests, mangroves, swamps and savannah grasslands. In 1988 scientists classified the forests found in STP as the second most … Continued

Omali Sao Tome

Probably the best hotel in Sao Tome town, with beachfront location, good restaurant, large swimming pool, tennis courts and qym.

Roca Sao Joao

A rustic, converted plantation house in the south of Sao Tome island renowned for their multi-course lunchtime tasting menu.

The Savannah

In the northeast of Sao Tome is an area of savannah grassland with some large baobabs to be seen. This area is particularly rewarding for birdwatching, with different species seen from those inhabiting the rainforest. Within the area is the famous Blue Lagoon, a peninsula with an old lighthouse joined to the mainland by a … Continued

Emoyeni Gardens Hotel

A charming, family-run hotel in Sao Tome town with beautiful views of the sea and lovely gardens to enjoy.

Boca do Inferno

A basaltic coastal site on the road south from São Tomé town near Roça Água Izé which is known for its blowholes, geyser-like eruptions of seawater activated by wave action. The basalt has formed into hexagonal columns, rather like Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway. Such rock formations can also be seen on Príncipe’s west coast during … Continued

Praia Inhame Eco Lodge

A quality, rustic  beachfront lodge which lives up to its eco billing.

Sao Tome Island

By far the larger of the two main islands, São Tomé lies ‘at the centre of the world’, being the closest landmass to the imaginary crossing point of the Greenwich Meridian and the Equator, which may be crossed on tiny Rolas Islet off São Tomé’s southern tip. The nation’s lively capital, São Tomé town, displays … Continued