Travel Specialist

Ian Loyd


A lifelong wildlife enthusiast, Ian joined the Reef and Rainforest team after completing studies in wildlife conservation and projects for the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts around the United Kingdom.

Ian’s strong interest in mammals, reptiles and birds led to his participation in fauna surveys and practical work with many endangered species around the UK.

Just before joining Reef and Rainforest in 2013, Ian spent almost four months in Brazil working as a volunteer guide at the Guapi Assu Lodge in the wildlife rich Atlantic Rainforest. Here he enjoyed showing visitors from around the world, the rare wildlife and special birdlife found in that threatened ecosystem. While in Brazil, Ian was also fortunate to travel extensively to many other wildlife-rich corners of the country including Amazonia, the Pantanal and Cerrado.

Ian is a specialist tour consultant for several other destinations including Madagascar, Ethiopia, British Columbia and Guyana and his love of wildlife has taken him to numerous other wild corners of the planet. His more recent highlights include visits to Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka and he most recently visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for his honeymoon with his wife Lorna.

Ian has a love for all wildlife, but has a particular passion for big cats, which has taken him on numerous successful quests in search of jaguars, pumas, lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards and cheetahs as well as many of the smaller, less well-known cat species. On these adventures he has enjoyed watching hunting pumas, playfighting Iberian lynx cubs and was even lucky enough to watch a snow leopard on his 27th birthday in the Himalayas.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys photographing wildlife on his local patch in sunny south Devon and exploring the beautiful coastlines and rugged moors of the South West.