Tour Theme: Conservation and Rewilding

Rewilding and the Rise of Regenerative Travel

Managed correctly, wildlife tourism can have a hugely regenerative effect on the planet. It directly protects some of the world’s rarest species; it promotes sustainable land use; it encourages tree planting; it expands protected wilderness and it provides a sustainable source of income to some of the world’s poorest people.

In Search Of Borneo’s Rarest Mammals With Private Guide

This is a privately-guided tour for real mammal enthusiasts. As well as Borneo’s iconic headline species including orang-utans and proboscis monkeys, this trip delves deep into some of Borneo’s less visited forests to find some of the real rarities of the island. Many of these are more active at night, so you will spend a … Continued

Best Wildlife safari in Zimbabwe

A complete immersion into Zimbabwe’s best wildlife opportunities in Hwange and Mana Pools using Victoria Falls as the access point.

The Iberian lynx – clawing back from the brink

Into the 1800s Iberian lynx were found throughout Spain, Portugal and southern France. A steady decline in population and distribution took place during the 1900s until by the 21st century, only two fragmented breeding populations remained in southern Spain, where Iberian lynx continue to hang on today. John Bassindale booked a tailor-made tour to the … Continued

Kenya’s Conservation in Action

This tour introduces you to natural Kenya at its absolute finest: a 10-night itinerary which introduces you to archetypal savanna landscapes, outstanding wildlife, and authentic cultural encounters. Discover some of Africa’s most impactful conservation initiatives, whilst staying in comfort and receiving a traditionally warm, African welcome. After an initial night in vibrant Nairobi, you will … Continued