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Preservation Through Visitation

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Eco Tourism is at our core

We strongly believe that wildlife tourism gives local people a genuine and sustainable alternative to environmenatlly destructive practices such as logging, ranching and hunting. By visiting these areas you are actively discouraging rainforest deforestation and, in many cases, encouraging the replanting of trees to create wildlife reserves and forest corridors. Wherever possible we use small, locally owned lodges and local guides hence directly supporting the local community. Therefore you can book your wildlife holiday with the comfort of knowing that your travels with us will benefit some of the world’s most beautiful and fragile ecosystems.

The positive role wildlife tourism can play in helping preserve Earth’s dwindling wilderness and endangered wildlife is perfectly summarised in the Letter of the Month below, published in the October 2007 edition of BBC Wildlife magazine:

“In my view, wildlife tourism does have the potential to be the saviour of wildlife throughout the world.  So often, the risk to species is due to habitat loss for farming and conflict with humans.  In almost all cases, the answer is to help communities to realise that the value of having an animal alive far outweighs the alternative.

Exciting wildlife attracts tourists, and in doing so provides opportunities for work and alternatives to the livelihood that is causing tension between humans and animals in the first place.  We should therefore be encouraging wildlife tourism, and while that does mean flying, I would suggest that in many cases, and certainly mine, I choose to go on a wildlife holiday over a different activity.

The net result is the same – I would have flown anyway, but this way the money and message promotes wildlife conservation.  The answer for global warming has got to rest with sustainable, renewable energy and limited population, not making people feel guilty about taking fantastic opportunities to see wildlife up close and personal.”

Chris Gee
Salford, Lancashire

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