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28th November 2018

The Red Tsingy: Not All It Seems

Not too far from Diego Suarez, the main town in the far north of Madagascar, lies the Tsingy of Ankarana. …

3rd November 2018

Trip Report: Costa Rica with George McGavin

The wonders of travelling to Costa Rica with Dr George McGavin.

3rd November 2018

Trip Report: Ethiopian Wolves on the Roof of Africa

Close encounters with Africa's rarest carnivore.

2nd August 2018

Trip Report: Madagascar Highlights by Julia Tsoy and Matthew Roper

Wildlife highlights and pictures from an extensive journey through the wilds of Madagascar

2nd August 2018

Spotlight on The Fossa of Madagascar

Where to see Madagascar's top predator and rare behaviour caught on camera

18th July 2018

Belize Barrier Reef Benefits from Success of Conservation Efforts

In June this year the UNESCO World Heritage Committee met in Bahrain and voted to remove the Belize Barrier Reef …

25th May 2018

The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Is Costa Rica calling you? Here is a Reef and Rainforest guide to help you decide when to travel and what weather to expect.

18th May 2018

Travelling to Botswana: where to go when?

Here we provide a comprehensive guide to Botswana’s weather, seasons and how this relates to the wildlife of each area.

27th February 2018

Our Congo Group Meets an Elephant at Lango Camp

In the deepest Congo, our latest group meets a bull elephant at Lango Bai in Odzala-Kokoua National Park. After days …

16th February 2018

The Best Way to Experience Namibia’s Etosha National Park

The Namib, the world’s oldest desert, is found in Namibia and gave the country its name. You might form the …

27th November 2017

Spotlight on the Kianjavato Lemur Project

Help support vital reforestation in Madagascar while tracking aye ayes, black and white ruffed and greater bamboo lemurs.

3rd November 2017

The Future of Family Holidays

In the last ten to twenty years, the concept of what constitutes an achievable family holiday has undergone a seismic shift.

11th October 2017

Rwanda Trip Report – Dan & Alison Burton

Canadians Dan and Alison Burton have just returned from Rwanda and were kind enough to share some beautiful photos and thoughts on their trip

26th September 2017

Trip Report: British Columbia and the Great Bear Rainforest

Read about Ian's highlights from a recent recce trip to the Rainforests of the north.

26th September 2017

Guide to Tiger Watching in India

How when and where to see these iconic big cats

13th September 2017

Baja California Trip Report

Fantastic marine wildlife from the Baja California Coast

13th September 2017

Incredible Tiger Sightings in May

A selection of stunning tiger pictures taken by Richard Barrett on his recent trip to India with Reef and Rainforest.

14th August 2017

Spotlight on Mandrare River Camp and the Spiny Forest

One of our favourite lodges in southern Madagascar and the wildlife of the bizarre spiny forest

12th August 2017

Trip Report: Wildlife of The Republic of Congo

The thrill of tracking Western Lowland Gorillas, Forest Elephants and much more in one of the richest rainforests in Africa

5th July 2017

The Blue Whales of Sri Lanka

Where, when and how to best experience the Blue Whales of Sri Lanka

4th July 2017

Spotlight on Cristalino Lodge

What makes this family run Brazilian Lodge one of our favourite places in the whole of the Amazon.

3rd July 2017

Our Top 10 Indonesia Wildlife and Cultural Highlights

Here we give our top 10 Indonesia wildlife and cultural highlights that make this island nation so special to lovers of natural history.

20th June 2017

How Ecotourism Benefits Wildlife Conservation

Ever since Reef & Rainforest first started offering natural history tours to selected wildlife destinations, we have been aware of the enormous potential for tourism to contribute to conservation.

6th June 2017

Guide to Watching Aye Ayes in Madagascar

Where and When to see Madagascar's real life Gremlins in the wild.

5th April 2017

Trip Report: The Snow Leopards of Ladakh

A report from our first trip in search of the grey ghost of the Himalayas

22nd December 2016

Patagonia Trip Report – 8 pumas seen!

Exceptional puma sightings and king penguins in Patagonia.

16th December 2016

Planet Earth’s Magical Creatures (and Where to Find Them)

Our useful guide to where to see all the amazing wildlife of the Planet Earth II series.

28th April 2016

Recent Wildlife Reports From India

Some Indian Wildlife highlights from our clients including a dhole (wild dog) hunt.

19th April 2016

You had better Belize it! – by Nick Baker

With kids on board, wildlife watching takes on a new energy, the sense of discovery is with you continuously

3rd November 2015

Rainforest treks in Sumatra and Sulawesi

An article on our new Indonesian Tours by Nigel Richardson of The Telegraph

15th October 2015

Wild Guyana Trip Report

Our Guyana specialist Ian Loyd has written about his recent travels in the country

11th October 2015

Hunting pumas at the end of the world

An article on our Puma Tracking Tour by journalist Viv Creegor For Mail On Sunday

7th July 2015

Tigers in India

The Wildlife Institute of India released its findings from its country wide tiger population census