Papua New Guinea Tailor-made Holidays

Truly one of the world's last travel frontiers, PNG boasts exotic tribes and resplendent birds of paradise, the most beautiful birds in the world

Papua New Guinea

The nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) comprises the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, second largest island in the world, as well as many other Pacific islands, some of a considerable size such as New Britain and New Ireland, and many much smaller islands and atolls.

The most linguistically diverse country on earth, PNG has more than 850 mutually unintelligible, indigenous languages reflecting at least as many different traditional tribal societies. This astonishing cultural variety has given rise to many different forms of expression, including art, carving, dance, singing, music and flamboyant costumes and hairstyles. The colourful cultural heritage is celebrated annually at numerous large regional festivals and sing-sings, including Goroka and Mt Hagen and lesser-known Tumbuna and Kundu.

Habitats range from dense tropical rainforest to savannah and wetland plains, volcanic mountains to white sand beaches and coral reefs. The forests are home to many rare species of marsupial such as tree kangaroo, insects including the Queen Alexandra birdwing (the world’s largest butterfly) and birds such as the cassowary. However, PNG is best known for Sir Richard Attenborough’s favourites: the brilliantly coloured birds of paradise, with 38 of the 43 known species found there.

Papua New Guinea is truly one of the world’s last travel frontiers. Nature and humanity unite in a heady mix of sights and sounds, and many parts of the country remain blissfully unaffected by the ever-advancing ways of the western world. However, PNG is definitely up and coming (it received the Most Emergent Destination award from Wanderlust Magazine in 2014) and, now that Reef & Rainforest can put together tours at reasonable cost, there should be many more visitors, so go now while it’s still authentic and unspoilt.

Papua New Guinea Wildlife Holiday Ideas

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Vista Mount Hagen Show Tour

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Mount Hagen Discoverer Show Tour

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Goroka Classic Show Tour

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Featured Accommodation

Ambua Lodge

Set in the Southern Highlands at 7000ft with stunning views of the Tari Valley b...

Tufi Dive Resort

Located on the mainland slopes of Mount Trafalgar with stunning views of the fjo...

MV Sepik Spirit

A comfortable, stationary floating lodge with nine spacious en suite guest rooms...

Rondon Ridge

Magnificent views of the Hagen Range, Mount Giluwe, the Sepik Divide, the Baiyer...

Kumul Lodge

Stands at 2,800m above sea level in a montane forest area near Mt Hagen...

Walindi Plantation Resort

Located in Kimbe Bay on the northern coast of West New Britain Province with exc...

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Papua New Guinea: -6.140555, 147.458496

Best Time To Visit Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has a very variable tropical climate. The wet season is normally December to March and the dry season, May to October. April and November are considered cusp months when the weather can be unpredictable. In general, the period between June and September tends to be cooler and drier and therefore perhaps the best time to visit. Temperatures remain fairly constant throughout the year in most regions. Average temperature in the lowlands is 27C, while in the highlands it is around 20C.

Travel Info

Flight Time
13 Hours from London to Singapore, then 6 hours 40 minutes from Singapore to Port Moresby

Time Zone
GMT +10

Best visited
May to October

Language Spoken
Tok Pisin

7.321 million

Area Specialist

Claire Pote

Throughout the year there are various cultural shows that visitors can attend. They provide an exciting way to experience the diverse cultures of PNG as the shows are usually attended by tribes from across the country. The largest and most famous is the Mount Hagen Show, held annually in August, whilst similar smaller shows are held in various locations such as Goroka and Morobe at other times of the year. During the shows, tribes and clans from across the country perform their individual styles of singing and dancing. NB: Special group itineraries are available which combine the main cultural shows with other locations. Please contact us for further information on group departures.

If you have any questions regarding travel to Papua New Guinea please feel free to contact me on +44 (0)1803 866965

We write to express our thanks for organising another highly successful special itinerary tour [to Papua new Guinea], despite the last minute changes to our tour schedule. We were very impressed with [your representatives]. They ran a highly professional service in all aspects. The three lodges, all with their own very special character, were well run with friendly staff, clean and with good facilities. The food at all three was excellent -including the vegetarian provision. The transfer arrangements…were excellent…The excursion opportunities at all the lodges were good.. .The three contrasting locations of the lodges…enabled us to sample three very different village cultures, and their remoteness and juxtaposition to primary rainforest. . .made for excellent wildlife viewing especially for birds.. .In all our world travels so far, we have never been able to match the very special experience that combined the comfort of these individually unique lodges.. .with the opportunities to explore some of the world’s dwindling rainforest and meet its ancient and charming peoples and witness its unique birdlife. To step outside our lodge cabin [at Tari] and observe three species of birds of paradise was just magic!