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Birds feature prominently in virtually all our tailor-made and group tours: however, these particular itineraries visit locations with special appeal to keen birders.

It may be that a destination contains a large number of extraordinary endemics like Papua New Guinea’s birds of paradise, or there’s a region with a special headline bird species such as the resplendent quetzal of Costa Rica’s cloud forests.

Some destinations will be notable for their sheer number of bird species: Panama springs to mind, with almost 1000 species on its country list, straddling Central and South America’s distinct bio-zones. The Galapagos has amazingly bold birds like the blue-footed booby which shows no fear of mankind, while Trinidad reveals the bat-like, cave-dwelling nocturnal oilbird. There are numerous other destinations not listed here with enticing avifauna, such as Madagascar with its unique bird families like the vangas and asitys, so please call us to speak to one of our wildlife specialists: we’ll show you how to find the birds you seek.