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Wildlife Holidays and Tours
Wildlife Holidays and Tours
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Pioneering Wildlife Holidays For Over 30 Years

Founded in 1989, Reef & Rainforest is an independent, award-winning, ATOL-protected specialist travel company offering tailor-made itineraries and small group tours for more than three decades. With ecotourism at our core, our trips venture to the world’s most remote and biodiverse ecosystems, create sustainable jobs for local communities and help preserve some of the planet’s rarest and most beautiful wildlife and habitats. Our dedicated team of friendly travel experts are adept at designing unforgettable natural history adventures for discerning travellers with a wide range of interests and budgets.

Tailor-Made Wildlife Holidays
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Holiday Types

Tailor-Made tours
for nature lovers

Meticulously planned to afford you the optimum time for in each location.

Holiday Types

Family holidays

Tailor-made to suit the particular age range & interests of your family.

Holiday Types

Expertly Led
Group Tours

Carefully designed itineraries for those with a love of adventure, nature & photography.

Holiday Types

Small Guided
Wildlife Cruises

Cruises on carefully selected small ships & expedition vessels to remote destinations.

Wildlife Holidays
Why Choose Us?

Unlock The Benefits of Natural History Travel

Small scale natural history tourism provides multiple benefits for the planet and its people:
Supporting Conservation

Supporting Conservation

National parks and nature reserves depend on vital revenue from wildlife holidays to thwart poachers and illegal loggers and manage essential conservation projects.

Preventing Deforestation

Preventing Deforestation

Landowners who gain tourism income from keeping wilderness intact are provided with a viable alternative to clear felling and barren monocultures.

Supporting Communities

Supporting Communities

Wildlife tourism supports countless jobs for local families who learn to value their natural heritage and thus strive to protect it for future generations.

Responsible tourism

Educating Visitors

Travellers to wilderness areas gain an appreciation of their beauty and importance and often return home from their wildlife holiday with a real desire to help preserve fragile habitats and endangered wildlife.

Conservation Partners

The Madagascar Biodiversity Project

How your wildlife holiday can help preserve Madagascar’s pristine habitats and precious wildlife.