Southeast Asia Tailor-made Holidays

The choicest regional destinations with the best conservation ethos

Southeast Asia

In much of South East Asia, conservation is a low priority and wildlife either scarce or difficult to see. We have sought out the choicest regional destinations with the best conservation ethos, wildlife potential and cultural attractions. It only remains for you to choose whether to see the colourful Goroka Show and resplendent birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea, seek out tiny tarsiers in Sulawesi, keep a wary eye on devilish dragons on Komodo, or sail down the Kinabatangan River in north Borneo for proboscis monkeys and hornbills.

Sample Trip Ideas

# Group Tour

Mount Hagen Birding, Goroka Show, Madang and Sepik River

This is an exceptional group tour led by local expert guides and combining many...
# Group Tour

The Spectacular Mount Hagen Show, Goroka and Madang

For those with limited time looking for a well-paced trip encompassing the cultu...
# Group Tour

Sepik River Crocodile Festival and the spectacular Mount Hagen Show

A marvelous opportunity to experience TWO exciting cultural festivals in Papua N...
# Group Tour

PNG Mask Festival With Sepik River Canoe Safari

Venture well off-the-beaten-track to see some of PNG’s most interesting tribes...
# Group Tour

Sepik River, Madang and the Spectacular Goroka Show

This group tour is perfectly suited to those with limited time in Papua New Guin...
# Wildlife Cruise

Tiger Blue: Seven Night Cruise of Raja Ampat Indonesia

Located off the northwest tip of New Guinea Island in Indonesia’s West Pap...
# Tailor-Made Tour

Papua New Guinea Off the Beaten Track

Many seek to go where others seldom travel: this lengthy tour fulfils that wish...
# Tailor-Made Tour

Papua New Guinea On A Reasonable Budget

Birds of paradise, rainforests, colourful highlands, culture and coral reefs...
# Tailor-Made Tour

The Natural History Highlights of Papua New Guinea

Stay at some of the best wildlife lodges and dive resorts in the country...
# Tailor-Made Tour

Papua New Guinea in Style and Comfort

An exceptional luxury itinerary for those interested in the fascinating culture,...
# Tailor-Made Tour

Borneo’s Diverse Reefs and Rainforests in Comfort and Style

Experience some of the most diverse rainforests and coral reefs on Earth...
# Tailor-Made Tour

The Best of Borneo’s Wonderful Wildlife

South East Asian wildlife viewing at its very best...