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Rainforests and coral reefs are the Earth’s most biodiverse terrestrial and marine environments, respectively: hence our company name. Everyone has heard of rainforests but only the lucky few ever get the chance to explore them in any depth.

Reef & Rainforest offers a wide selection of tailor-made rainforest holidays, cruises and small group tours which visit rainforests throughout the planet. You might be on a quest to spot the resplendent quetzal and three-wattle bellbird in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Or you must seek out the white uakari monkey and hear the musician wren’s wondrous calls in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. Perhaps trek to see the lowland gorillas and chimpanzees of Africa’s rainforests; the lemurs of Madagascar or the proboscis monkeys and orangutans of the rainforests of Borneo.

For the Amazon, we have produced a detailed guide to Where To See Wildlife In The Amazon Rainforest?  Please also see below our quick guide of which country is best for the Amazon rainforest throughout the year.

Amazon Rainforest Destinations By Month:

Covering such a wide area of different climatic zones the Amazon rainforest can be visited at any time of the year. Here is our quick guide to where best to visit the Amazon rainforest for each month:

January: Peru (for flooded rainforest), Ecuador

February: Peru (for flooded rainforest), Ecuador, Guyana

March: Peru (for flooded rainforest), Ecuador, Guyana

April: Peru (for flooded rainforest), Guyana

May: Peru, Brazil, Bolivia

June: Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia

July: Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia

August: Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia

September: Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia

October: Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Guyana, Bolivia

November: Ecuador, Guyana

December: Peru (for flooded rainforest), Ecuador

Check out the itineraries below which have been especially selected to contain multiple opportunities for your own personal rainforest voyage of discovery.  Use our handy filters to refine your search by month, country and type of tour you are looking for.