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Since Darwin’s seminal work, mankind has come to realise that we are not necessarily in a class of our own but are in fact rather clever members of the order of primates. That understanding has been strengthened by developments in genetics which show we share almost the same DNA as our “cousins” the lemurs, monkeys and, especially, apes. Our portfolio below shows sample itineraries in which primates are frequently encountered, providing extraordinary experiences usually reserved for the best Attenborough documentaries. Our trips take in the gamut of primate species: from Madagascar’s primitive pro-simian lemurs; through New World monkeys like capuchin, spider and white uakari; to the impressive apes such as orangutans, chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. We are ever-evolving our range of primate options so do please call us for an update and to let us know in which species you are most interested.

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# Group Tour

The Wonderful Wildlife of My Congo

Most of our clients are interested in general natural history – Mother Nature ...
# Group Tour

A Magical Journey through Madagascar with Quentin Bloxam

An overland journey through Madagascar of exceptional variety....
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Borneo’s Diverse Reefs and Rainforests in Comfort and Style

Experience some of the most diverse rainforests and coral reefs on Earth...
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The Best of Borneo’s Wonderful Wildlife

South East Asian wildlife viewing at its very best...
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Indonesia and Papua New Guinea Country Combo

The best wildlife and cultural highlights of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea...
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Ruaha, Katavi and Mahale: Tanzania’s Hidden Gems

Experience a slice of Africa that has remained unchanged for centuries...
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Serengeti, Katavi and Mahale: Wilderness Africa at its Very Best.

Three top lodges in three iconic parks: Tanzania’s ultimate wildlife safari...
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Africa’s Natural Diversity in Rwanda And Tanzania

Combining the best wildlife highlights of Rwanda and northern Tanzania...
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Deluxe Rwanda in Comfort and Style

Rwanda’s natural wonders using the very best accommodation...
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Rwanda’s Natural Highlights

Rwanda’s incredible landscapes and wildlife using affordable accommodation...
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Highlights of Madagascar for the Active and Adventurous

This adventure will reveal the hidden charms of a Madagascar that few are lucky ...
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The Natural History Highlights of Guyana

Experience Guyana’s premier natural history highlights in a wildlife tour of g...