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We are clearly a travel company that concentrates on the best natural history and wildlife to be seen in all our carefully selected destinations. However, many of those destinations also have much of cultural and archaeological interest which, when combined with their natural treasures, serve to provide fully rounded journeys of discovery. Papua New Guinea boasts Sir David Attenborough’s beloved birds of paradise but its tribal peoples are just as colourful and flamboyant as their avian compatriots. India’s cultural riches are wonderful to behold and complement the subcontinent’s wildlife perfectly. Peru’s vanished Inca civilisation and more recent Spanish colonisation is very evident in its architecture and majestic ruins, which combine very well with the richness of its Amazonian fauna and flora. Below are some itinerary suggestions, but if you wish to learn about the culture or past civilisations of our other destinations (perhaps the Maya ruins of Belize) please call to speak to one of our dedicated travel professionals.

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# Group Tour

Papua New Guinea Photography Group – With Harry Skeggs

Our unique photographic tour visiting the famous Rabaul Mask Festival....
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Exploring Guatemala in Considerable Comfort & Style

This classic tour of Guatemala takes you to the three unmissable highlights of A...
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The Wildlife and Cultural Highlights of Ethiopia

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Highlights of Ethiopia in Comfort

A well paced itinerary designed to showcase the top natural and historical highl...
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Guatemala For All The Family

Prices are based on a family of four, with two children under the age of 12. As ...
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Guatemala: The Natural Choice

An exciting programme including Guatemalas most significant natural attractions...
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Sepik River, Coral Sea Coast and the Spectacular Goroka Show

Join a small group of like-minded individuals on an ideal group trip and delve d...
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The Wildlife and Culture of the Three Guianas

Experience magnificent species and the many different tribes and cultures of one...
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Papua New Guinea Off the Beaten Track

Many seek to go where others seldom travel: this lengthy tour fulfils that wish...
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Papua New Guinea On A Reasonable Budget

Birds of paradise, rainforests, colourful highlands, culture and coral reefs...
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The Natural History Highlights of Papua New Guinea

Stay at some of the best wildlife lodges and dive resorts in the country...
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A Scintillating Southern India Odyssey

A heady mix of ancient towns, verdant national parks, cool hill stations, coloni...