Travel Themes



We are clearly a travel company that concentrates on the best natural history and wildlife to be seen in all our carefully selected destinations.

However, many of those destinations also have much of cultural and archaeological interest which, when combined with their natural treasures, serve to provide fully rounded journeys of discovery.

Papua New Guinea boasts Sir David Attenborough’s beloved birds of paradise but its tribal peoples are just as colourful and flamboyant as their avian compatriots. India’s cultural riches are wonderful to behold and complement the subcontinent’s wildlife perfectly. Peru’s vanished Inca civilisation and more recent Spanish colonisation is very evident in its architecture and majestic ruins, which combine very well with the richness of its Amazonian fauna and flora. Below are some itinerary suggestions, but if you wish to learn about the culture or past civilisations of our other destinations (perhaps the Maya ruins of Belize) please call to speak to one of our dedicated travel professionals.