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Big Cat Safari


Hugely popular among our clients, big cat encounters are highly probable in each of these enticing natural history itineraries.

Reef & Rainforest pioneered jaguar watching in Brazil’s Pantanal: our director, Alan Godwin, spent three weeks there 15 years ago and was delighted to see two of the elusive big cats.

Since then, we have shown hundreds of satisfied clients up to 13 individual jaguars in a three-night Pantanal river module – we have had a 100% success rate for many years. We also offer the last Asian lions of Gir in India; the pumas of Chile’s Patagonia; leopards in Sri Lanka’s Wilpattu and Yala National Parks; tigers in India; and of course, all kinds of cat in Africa.

We have now added Pallas’ cat in China and snow leopard tracking in Ladakh: please ask for details.