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Country Combo


If you have flexible timing (but equally if you only have two weeks) it can be particularly rewarding to amalgamate two destinations into one glorious trip.

Our selection below shows some examples of countries which work very well together, partly because the proximity to each other makes for easy logistics and partly because the sum of the resulting experience is greater than the parts.

For instance, by combining Guyana with Trinidad and Tobago you enjoy the vast rainforests, wildlife, majestic rivers and one of the world’s great waterfalls of the South American mainland with excellent Caribbean island birding and welcome beach relaxation to create a fully rounded journey. Or, by mixing Tanzania with Rwanda, you see the vast savannas and  classic game of East Africa as well as the mountain gorillas and beautiful scenery of Rwanda’s rainforest. We invite you to consider these itineraries which we know work well, but if you can’t find what you are looking for here please do speak to one of our destination specialists who should be able to design a perfect combination of destinations to suit.