Travel Themes

Conservation & Rewilding


It is our long held and evidence based belief that wildlife travel directly benefits the countries and regions visited and their associated wildlife. 

Such travel provides sustainable local incomes, funds national parks, supports conservation programmes, encourages local engagement and demonstrates that wilderness is more valuable being preserved for tourism than cut down for timber or agriculture.  Here is a selection of our itineraries which we feel go the extra mile in helping to conserve and rewild the areas they visit by fulfilling one or more of the following criteria:

1) Tours that actively protect, enrich and expand areas of wilderness

These itineraries help private reserves to increase the size of existing national parks. They include lodges that create wildlife corridors linking isolated patches of forest or have large reforestation programmes or properties that directly instigate, patrol and protect marine reserves.

2) Tours that actively involve indigenous communities in wildlife tourism

This is not just about hiring guides, cleaners and waiters from the local village; it is more to do with programmes and properties run in partnership with local communities who receive a direct share of the profits made. It also refers to projects such as schools and clinics which result from the close links between lodges and locals.

3) Tours that directly conserve or protect individual species

Such itineraries include visits to lodges and organisations with private reserves set up to reintroduce or protect specific endangered species and/or projects that monitor and conserve such species in the wild.