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The Highlands

Rondon Ridge


Rondon Ridge is a modern lodge situated at 7100 feet on Kum Mountain, near Mt Hagen, enjoying magnificent views of the Hagen Range, Mount Giluwe, the Sepik Divide, the Baiyer Gap and Wahgi Valley. The climate is one of pleasant, spring-like weather. Guests are accommodated in spacious, simply decorated rooms, each featuring 180-degree views, modern bathroom, electric blankets and duvets for the cool highland evenings. The main building houses the lounge, bar, dining room, conference centre and is warmed by a cosy fireplace. There is 24-hour electricity supplied by its own hydroelectric power plant.

Rondon Ridge is a 40-minute drive from Mount Hagen and close to pristine rainforest,. There are abundant orchids and amphibians. This is the land of the Melpa tribe and visitors can observe their traditional customs and lifestyles.


Restaurant, bar, lounge, 24-hour electricity, conference centre, electric blankets, seating area and TV and a fireplace.

Local Wildlife

180 bird species including Macgregors’s bowerbird and brown sicklebill, and 10 species of bird of paradise including Stephanie’s astrapia, the superb bird of paradise and King of Saxony. Amphibians and orchids are abundant. Mammals are present but are extremely difficult to see.

Optional Activities

Bird and wildlife watching excursions in the local rainforest and cultural activities such as visits to Melpa villages.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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We write to express our thanks for organising another highly successful special itinerary tour [to Papua new Guinea], despite the last minute changes to our tour schedule. We were very impressed with [your representatives]. They ran a highly professional service in all aspects. The three lodges, all with their own very special character, were well run with friendly staff, clean and with good facilities. The food at all three was excellent -including the vegetarian provision. The transfer arrangements…were excellent…The excursion opportunities at all the lodges were good.. .The three contrasting locations of the lodges…enabled us to sample three very different village cultures, and their remoteness and juxtaposition to primary rainforest. . .made for excellent wildlife viewing especially for birds.. .In all our world travels so far, we have never been able to match the very special experience that combined the comfort of these individually unique lodges.. .with the opportunities to explore some of the world’s dwindling rainforest and meet its ancient and charming peoples and witness its unique birdlife. To step outside our lodge cabin [at Tari] and observe three species of birds of paradise was just magic!