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Tufi Dive Resort


Located on the mainland slopes of Mount Trafalgar with stunning views of the fjords below, Tufi Resort offers accommodation in comfortable bungalows traditionally constructed from local bush materials and decorated with tribal carvings and artefacts.

The rooms are screened and have air-conditioning, hot water, en-suites, coffee and tea facilities and mini fridge. Many units have verandas overlooking the fjord or Coral Sea. The main attractions of the area are scuba diving and snorkelling. In addition, the local tribal villages give the opportunity to experience authentic indigenous culture first hand, whilst the bird life and butterflies in the forest surrounding the resort are spectacular. The world’s largest species of butterfly, the Queen Alexandra birdwing, can be seen in the area (if you are lucky).

A good house reef is just steps from the resort and any one of 30 excellent open water diving spots is a mere 15-minute boat trip away. The reefs in this part of the Solomon Sea are among the best in the world and some have not yet been fully explored. The coral communities support hundreds of colourful reef fish, eels and black and white tipped reef sharks and turtles are common sightings. In deeper water, manta and eagle rays, hammerheads and the rare white hammerhead can be seen alongside schools of tuna, mackerel and barracuda.


Restaurant, bar, lounge, small swimming pool, hot water showers, tea and coffee making facilities, mini fridge, air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Local Wildlife

Underwater coral communities teeming with reef fish such as scorpion, ghost and pipefish, black and white tipped reef sharks, hammerheads, white hammerheads, eagle and manta rays, tuna and barracuda.

The forest surrounding the lodge is good for birding and Raggiana bird-of-paradise, Queen Victoria crested pigeon, New Guinea harpy eagle, dwarf cassowary, hornbills and lorikeets are some of the highlights: mammal-wise, cuscus, tree kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas (an egg-laying mammal) are present but difficult to see.

Butterfly diversity is also very impressive around the resort and world’s largest species the Queen Alexandra birdwing can occasionally be seen along with the spectacular blue Ulysses butterfly and bright green Priam's birdwing.

Optional Activities

Scuba diving and snorkelling, wildlife watching and cultural activities such as village homestays.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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Lovely place. Food was tasty and honest, staff really friendly and helpful in my butterfly quest! Lovely location and surroundings, would use again.

Mr D P - Hampshire