Planet Earth’s Magical Creatures (and Where to Find Them)

Our useful guide to where to see all the amazing wildlife of the Planet Earth II series.

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The recent Planet Earth II series was so special it seems to have captured the nation’s heart. We have had numerous clients asking where to see the extra-special species featured in the series, so we’ve put together the following useful guide:

Pygmy Sloth: Panama

Pygmy Sloth of Panama
Where to find them: Endemic to Escudo de Veraguas Island, reached by a two hour boat trip and overnight camping from Colon Island, Bocas del Toro

Suggested itinerary: Panama’s Fabulous Forests and Coral Reefs

Desert Adapted Lion: Namibia

Where to find them: The Ongava Private Reserve and the adjoining Etosha National Park, Namibia’s major safari location

Suggested itinerary: Deluxe, Super-Scenic Namibian Wildlife Safari

Snow Leopard: India

Where to find them: Head to the remote valleys of the Hemis National Park where the leopards take refuge during the harsh winter months

Suggested itinerary: Seeking The Snow Leopards Of Ladakh

Glass Frog: Costa Rica

Where to find them: The lush rainforests found in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica. Look at the underside of leaves, particularly above water

Suggested itinerary: Wild Costa Rica, Well Off The Beaten Track

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise: Indonesia

See Wilsons Bird of Paradise on our Indonesia Wildlife Tours
Where to find them: Males display at a handful of sites on Batanta Island in the Raja Ampat archipelago of eastern Indonesia

Suggested itinerary: Indonesia’s Wild East Off The Beaten Track

Jaguar: Brazil

Jaguar spotting in Brazils Northern Pantanal
Where to find them: Nearly impossible to see elsewhere, reliable sightings can now be had on the Cuiaba River in Brazil’s northern Pantanal

Suggested itinerary: Quest For The Jaguars Of Brazil

Indri: Madagascar

Black Indri - As seen on our Madagascar Wildlife Tours in Perinet
Where to find them: The largest of all the lemurs can be reliably seen in the montane rainforests of Perinet and Mantadia

Suggested itinerary: Best of Northern Madagascar and Perinet

Marine Iguana: Ecuador

Marine Iguana in Fernandina - As seen on our Wildlife TOurs of the Galapagos
Where to find them: Visit Fernandina Island as part of a small ship cruise around the Galapagos islands

Suggested itinerary: Natural History Highlights of Ecuador and the Galapagos

Namib Dune Gecko: Namibia

Namib Dune Gecko - Seen on Wildlife Tours of Namibia's Skeleton Coast
Where to find them: Among the huge sand dunes of Swakopmund, the German colonial seaside town just south of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

Suggested itinerary: The Wonderful Wildlife and Nature of Namibia

Komodo Dragon: Indonesia

Komodo Dragon - As seen in Rinca on our wildlife tours of Indonesia
Where to find them: Trek into the hills of Rinca and Komodo Islands and visit the ranger stations where the largest dragons are found

Suggested itinerary: The Best of Indonesia’s Wildlife

Spider Monkey: Costa Rica

Spider Monkey - Seen on our Wildlife Tours of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula
Where to find them: Many of the lodges of the Osa Peninsula overlook the forest canopy. Great for eye-level encounters and close-up photography
An individual browsing, showing the exceptionally long limbs that give them their name.
Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Suggested itinerary: Wildlife Highlights of Costa Rica and Panama

One Horned Rhino: India

One Horned Rhino - As seen on our wildlife tours of India's Kaziranga National Park
Where to find them: Over 2000 live in the Kaziranga National Park – best seen on elephant back riding through the towering grasses

Suggested itinerary: The Wildlife Highlights of India

Giant Anteater: Brazil

Giant Anteater - As seen on our wildlife tours of Brazil's southern Pantanal
Where to find them: Found in the grasslands of South America but one of the best locations is Brazil’s southern Pantanal

Suggested itinerary: Best of Brazil’s attractions in high comfort

River Dolphin: Brazil

River Dolphins - Amazon Basin
Where to find them: Frequently spotted in the flooded varzea forests of the Amazon basin based at the Uakari Floating Lodge, and near the city of Manaus

Suggested itinerary: Wild Brazil Off The Beaten Track

Chilean Flamingo: Chile

Where to find them: Best seen in the salt lakes of the Atacama desert in northern Chile during March and April

Suggested itinerary: The Manifold Highlights of Spectacular Chile

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