Rwanda Trip Report – Dan & Alison Burton

Canadians Dan and Alison Burton have just returned from Rwanda and were kind enough to share some beautiful photos and thoughts on their trip

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A wonderful shot of an inquisitive young Gorilla in Nyungwe park   |   Photography by Dan Burton

When we told people we were going to Rwanda, we got some odd looks but took it as an opportunity to educate people.  It is hard to believe it has been almost 25 years since the genocide and the country is working very hard on reconciliation and tolerance.  Our guide (Amos) really helped us understand what was being done to recover and how they are moving forward as ‘One Rwanda’.  We were impressed and certainly felt very safe & welcomed everywhere we went.

Amos was AMAZING.  We got to know more about Rwanda and its people because we spent so much time with him.   He stopped frequently to point out all the different birds to us or show us a particular view.  He helped us get on the gorilla hikes that suited our fitness and interests. He let us know exactly how each day was going to play out so we could be ready with the right clothing and water / snacks.

The landscape was as spectacular as the wildlife in Rwanda.  Pictures do not do it justice.  Seeing three different gorillas families was the highlight but there was so much more to see. The Golden monkeys were gorgeous.  Nyungwe was a beautiful park filled with primates and birds.  We saw chimps, mona, vervet , blue, mangabeys, mountain  and colobus monkeys.

Everyone we ran into in Rwanda was so friendly, kind and proud of their country.  The service they provided was excellent.  We had a wonderful time getting to know them better.

One day we will get to the UK and actually the meet the wonderful people who plan these incredible vacations for us.  Thank you for all the help you give us.

You can see some of their excellent photos below and many more (with comments) on the following link:







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