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Akiba Lodge Anjahakely


Surrounded by beautiful mountains and mixed evergreen and deciduous forests, Akiba Lodge (formerly known as Black Lemur Camp) is nestled next to the Analamerana Special Reserve in the far north of Madagascar. The lodge has recently benefited from a refurbishment and  fits in well with a circuit of the north including Ankarana tsingy.

Akiba Lodge is run by the Lemur Conservation charity FANABY to encourage sensitive, community-based ecotourism to this little-visited region. The Analamerana Special Reserve is the last refuge of the critically endangered Perrier’s sifaka, of which only 250 or so individuals remain in the wild with none in captivity. The all-black Perrier’s sifaka is restricted to northern Madagascar where its population and distribution have been greatly reduced and fragmented by habitat loss for livestock, agriculture and, sadly, hunting. Visitors have a great opportunity to see this beautiful primate on a 45-minute walk from the lodge and such visits in turn help provide funding and employment to the local community who protect the forest.

Accommodation comprises ten clean and comfortable rustic chalets with private bathrooms (simple showers only) and mosquito netting . The main building boasts wonderful sweeping views down the valley and houses a restaurant, bar and lounge area. Local women serve the delicious perfumed white rice grown in nearby Anjahankely village. Solar power is used to provide electricity and Wi-Fi 24 hours a day and the staff are particularly friendly.

The wider area offers many other natural attractions: sandstone topography covered by rainforest, karst limestone formations within tropical dry forest, and transitional forests with highlights including abundant lemur life and a natural swimming pool in which to refresh. Visiting the village to see them making the special perfumed white rice is also fascinating.


Akiba Lodge has ten spacious but simple bungalows with private bathrooms, all built using local materials. Eight rooms are tented lodge style and two are larger family bungalows in semi-hard buildings.

Local Wildlife

The all black Perrier’s sifaka is the highlight species. This acrobatic species is severely threatened with extinction and is listed as one of the world’s top 25 most endangered primates by the IUCN. They are easily seen on a walk just 45 minutes from the lodge.

Other species include the beautiful crowned lemur, Sandford's brown lemur and Ankarana sportive lemur and northern rufous mouse lemurs could be spotted after dark. Ring-tailed mongoose and a variety of birds and reptiles can also be found in the dry forest.

Optional Activities

There are many trails you can choose to walk, caves to explore and also a small area of tsingy and natural swimming pool in the forest, all nearby.

You can also experience the special perfumed white rice of the local village, produced the Association of women during a visit to the local village.

Alan Godwin

Area Specialist

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[Our escort guide] was excellent – he had amazing vocabulary and was always good natured, patient and attentive. He provided us with a great commentary to the country and proved to be a brilliant wildlife spotter. Wildlife highlights: seeing a streaked tenrec, snorkelling with green turtles, the pygmy chameleons, the biggest giant millipede I’ve ever seen, a group of indris without the crowds and hearing their calls, seeing new families of birds – vangas and couas…Everything was a complete treat – my binoculars got a complete workout.

Mr D N - Bristol