Papua New Guinea Accommodation,
The Lowlands

Ambunti Lodge


The only hotel on this part of the mighty Sepik River, Ambunti Lodge offers basic accommodation but is the best option for those undertaking the three-day canoe trip, which takes you into the heart of authentic Papuan life and culture.

Electricity comes from a generator which goes off at 22:00hrs and comes back in the morning. Rooms are small and beds have mosquito nets. En suite bathrooms have flush toilet, cold water shower (very refreshing in the heat) and air-conditioning in each room (limited hours).

Ambunti Lodge is the only accommodation in the area apart from bush-material guesthouses in the villages which are even more basic.


Private facilities, dining room, lounge, bar, air-conditioning (restricted hours)

Optional Activities

Cultural tours along the Sepik River and its tributaries. Bird watching.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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Of all the very special places in the world, Papua New Guinea is unique. Those happy, honest, open people and the spectacular natural world they inhabit deserve protection and censervation.

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