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Anjajavy Le Lodge


Considered the top hotel in the country, luxurious Anjajavy le lodge spreads along a beautiful beach on a remote peninsula in northwest Madagascar. Accommodation at Anjajavy is in comfortable, air-conditioned two-storey villas constructed of rosewood and satrana-leaf thatch. Each detached villa has a large verandah overlooking the sea, double bed, private bathroom equipped with a large bathtub, a first floor sitting room (which converts to a second bedroom – ideal for two children), room safe and mini bar. There is a swimming pool to augment the warm sea bathing: other water sports include catamaran sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing and water skiing. Four-wheel drive and boat excursions, guided walking, hiking and cycling are also possible optional activities.

A boat excursion to Moramba Bay is highly rewarding for its beauty, sacred baobabs and the very rare Madagascar fish eagle, as is boating amongst the mangroves at sunset, especially when armed with a sundowner cocktail. Nearby are two local Sakalava fishing villages, Ambondro Ampassy and Anjajavy, where you can see the many benefits to the local population resulting from their close involvement with the lodge.

The adjacent 550-hectare tropical dry forest reserve contains endemic trees and other flora and is a refuge for many animal species. In 2014, two aye aye were translocated to the reserve from a forested area 50km away which had been purposely burned. There, aye ayes were being killed as evil spirits, as happened at Anjajavy before the lodge educated the locals. Plans are afoot to double the reserve by end 2015. Birding is excellent in the reserve and there are many marked paths through the forest and leading to nearby inlets. Nature walks can be taken with or without guides – maps are available at the reception.

Lemurs visit the lodge grounds most evenings – a rare occurrence for Madagascar’s lodges – offering excellent photographic opportunities and easy viewing. The sight of a Coquerel’s sifaka “dancing” across the ground near your room is spellbinding.

Access to Anjajavy is by charter plane from Antananarivo three times a week (Tue, Thu, Sat). Air transfers can usually be arranged on other days at a surcharge, with departures to/from Nosy Be possible on request.


Excellent beachside swimming pool; restaurant; bar; boutique shop; private 550 hectare dry tropical deciduous forest reserve home to many lemurs including the Coquerel's sifaka and two recently reintroduced aye aye.

Local Wildlife

Coquerel's sifaka, aye aye, common brown lemur, gray mouse lemur, Western fat-tailed dwarf lemur, Milne-Edwards sportive lemur, ghost crab and various chameleons, geckos and sankes. Birds include the very rare Madagascar fish eagle, sickle-billed vanga, both greater and lesser vasa parrots and crested coua.

Optional Activities

Water-skiing; boat trips to the mangroves, Moramba Bay and for private picnics in secluded coves; visits to the local villages; traditional pirogue (outrigger canoe) excursions; massage treatments; fishing.

Alan Godwin

Area Specialist

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At Anjajavy le lodge we were overwhelmed to find the villa was fronted by beach and about 20 yards from the Indian Ocean, which was a soothing background for sleep. Tea at the Oasis Garden at 5pm daily was accompanied by a plethora of animals, and we had the best experience ever when wandering down the road to find a family of Coqurel's Sifaka lemurs... Wonderful!

Mrs S B - Stoke on Trent