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Asa Wright Nature Centre


The world famous Asa Wright Nature Centre was set up in 1967 by a group of passionate conservationists and birdwatchers to protect part of the biodiverse Arima Valley. Asa Wright is located in a remote part of Trinidad’s northern range which rises to a little over 3000 feet and is mostly covered by tropical rainforest.

Asa Wright Nature Centre has an exceptionally diverse fauna. Its species list includes 108 mammals, 400 birds, 55 reptiles, 25 amphibians and 617 butterflies. The main building is actually an old coffee plantation house with décor reminiscent of its colonial past. There is a large dining room and lounge where an extensive collection of natural history books can be browsed. The most famous feature of the centre is its verandah which looks down the Arima Valley and onto multiple bird feeders that attract a constant stream of colourful and exciting species. The close proximity of the feeders affords guests rare photographic opportunities for a great diversity of species ranging from purple honeycreepers to bay-headed tanagers and copper-rumped hummingbirds.

The world’s second smallest bird, the tufted coquette, can often be seen feeding from flowering bushes just below the feeders.

Accommodation is in 26 comfortable but fairly simple rooms with private bathrooms. There are 2 special rooms with king-size beds located in the main house designed specifically for handicapped guests, and the rest are in private cottages situated in the lovely gardens. All the rooms have twin beds and private verandahs and are kept cool by ceiling fans.

The main building has free Wi-Fi and a dining room that serves buffet meals – there is also a sandwich bar service. A natural swimming pool in the forest is available to guests and in the evenings there are often talks by the local naturalist guides concerning the work of the centre.


Dining room, lounge, natural history libary, veranda, laundry service, gift shop and free Wi-Fi in public areas.

Local Wildlife

Asa Wright Nature Centre is most known for its bird life and in particular its feeders that attract some of the most beautiful and localised birds on the island. Some of the avian highlights include Trinidad motmots, bearded bellbird, tufted coquette, collared and green-backed trogon and golden headed and white-bearded manakins. Red-rumped agoutis, red-tailed squirrel, golden tegu lizard and green iguanas are seen quite regularly too. The centre also has the world’s most accessible colony of oilbirds, the only nocturnal fruit eating (frugivorous) birds in the world. Night walks can often reveal many exciting creatures including the Trinidad chevron tarantula, whip scorpion spider, fer-de-lance, Cook’s tree boa and various species of owls.

Optional Activities

Guided walks through the reserve and local forest. Excursions further away are also available to other key wildlife sites and turtle nesting beaches. Evening lectures about the centre and its wildlife and night walks are often held.

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Excellent! Knowledgeable staff, food excellent, guides very good. Rooms were comfortable and the place met all of our needs.

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