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Aye-Aye Forest Camp


An all-inclusive experience at the Aye-Aye Forest Camp offers a unique combination of culture and wildlife in an authentic Malagasy setting. The adjacent 2,770-hectare Farankaraina Forest is known to be the best place to find aye-aye, and boasts a summit hike with an outstanding view of Antongil Bay.

Guests are assigned a personal guide who will lead you on a variety included activities during your stay. The forest is steps away and 10 km of trails are easily accessed for sunrise birding, daytime hikes and night walks. Spotting wildlife in the forest can be combined with a picnic lunch and then cool off in a nearby waterfall.

River trips are conducted in a local pirogue (canoe) where one can spot herons, egrets, malachite kingfishers and other waterbirds. A visit to a local village includes a walk with a farmer who shows how cacao, cloves, vanilla, rice, and other crops are grown, and then the local Women’s Association will perform traditional dances. A trip to Masoala National Park’s jewel island of Nosy Mangabe is included in guests’ stay at the Aye-Aye Forest Camp, where one can find black and white ruffed lemurs, the smallest chameleon, Brookesia peyrierasi, and more.

In the heat of the afternoon, enjoy the 1.5km pristine sandy beach and swimmable ocean temperatures year-round. At night, watch the ghost crabs skitter from your flashlight, and keep an eye out for tenrec, and possibly even a fossa.

The Aye-Aye Forest Camp works in partnership with other lodges in the area, and a package can be created combining a stay at the camp with either one of the lodges in Masoala National Park, or a hike into the mountains of Makira Natural Park to see the silky sifaka.


The three spacious bungalows have vaulted ceilings and accommodate up to four people in each, with a master and two single beds, each with mosquito nets. Each bed has a bedside table, and two lockboxes are also provided for valuables. There is a private porch with an ocean view.

No Wi-Fi available, one washroom with a sink and toilet and another with a sink and shower, hot water, 24/7 electricity.

Local Wildlife

Eight species of lemur are found here, including; white-fronted brown lemurs and red-ruffed lemurs. On night walks, one can find dwarf, woolly, mouse, northern bamboo, sportive, and of course the endangered aye-aye lemurs.

Over 100 species of bird, including; Madagascar ibis, paradise flycatcher, bee-eater, red-breasted coua, wood-rail, various species of vanga.

Humpback whales during winter.

Optional Activities

All activities are included with your stay at Aye-Aye Forest Camp. These include; cultural visits, national park visits, hiking, swimming, boat trips, and much more.

Alan Godwin

Area Specialist

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Tour guide was perfect (Excellent++). Attentive and caring. Outstanding person. Became part of the family. Give her an award!!! Local guides very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and pleasant people to be with. Helen’s enthusiastic and sparkling voice was a pleasure to hear on the ‘phone. All questions answered in detail and printed information sent was helpful. You guys really cared. Very attentive in Madagascar and went well. Very pleasant and good driver. No corners cut and a well planned trip with all details covered. Perfect for us. Due to good guides and spotters we saw 16 species of lemurs and plenty of them. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see so many species and so close to us. Marvellous – very emotional. Lemurs are such wonderful gentle creatures. This trip was so well-designed for people like us. I will never forget this trip in my life. What a humbling experience it was. Some time in the future we will be back to see these special animals. In the mean time I look to our video footage of our time with the lemurs of Madagascar. Helen Cox – well done. Your company is at the top of our list.

Mr & Mrs M - Berkshire