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Blackbuck Safari Lodge


Not to be confused with its similarly-named neighbour, the Blackbuck Safari Lodge offers simple rooms approximately 10 minutes from the Blackbuck National Park.  The 18 rooms are located in four small blocks surrounded by grassland.   The rooms come complete with hot water showers and air-conditioning plus a pleasant veranda to sit out.  There is a small swimming pool and a good restaurant serving both western and local dishes.  Poolside and campfire dining can also be arranged.  There is a large pond attracting waterbirds with additional birdwatching in the surrounding grassland.


Air-conditioned rooms, air-conditioned restaurant, small swimming pool, hot water showers, WiFi, Tea/Coffee maker,
Refrigerator. Please note: as Gujarat is a dry state, no alcohol can be purchased at this lodge.

Local Wildlife

The Blackbuck National Park supports the largest population of blackbuck in India and is home to 14 other species of mammal including Nilgai, (blue bull antelope), Indian grey wolf, striped hyena, jungle cat, wild boar, Indian hare, Indian hedgehog and golden jackal. Over 140 species of birds have also been recorded here: the grasslands support many specialities such as the localised white-browed bushchat and many species of lark and wheatear. During the winter the wetlands are home to thousands of waterfowl as well as an impressive roost of over 2,000 harriers.

Optional Activities

Jeep safaris in the Blackbuck National Park, cycling and birdwatching.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

If you have any questions regarding our India tours, please feel free to contact me on +44 (0)1803 866965

Naturalist guides were brilliant. We seem to have been given the best one in each place. Had same one for whole of stay in each place. Cultural guides gave just enough information and then left you to ask questions about what interested you which is what we like. They did not seem to have a set patter. Helpful about photographic sites – i.e. good position to take photos.

[OVERALL STANDARD OF SERVICE] Excellent isn’t good enough. In every place we were treated like royalty. Totally relaxed and felt totally safe but not smothered.

[WILDLIFE HIGHLIGHTS] 11 tigers, innumerable rhino, wild elephants, buffalo, otters, hog and swamp deer, and wild boar. Birds at Keoladeo excellent. Watched leopard and three cubs at Siana for 1.5 hrs of exceptional viewing.

An outstanding holiday which far exceeded our expectations. Many people would enjoy it I’m sure.

Ms M E - Surrey