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Borneo Rainforest Lodge


Widely regarded as one of the best wildlife lodges in Asia, Borneo Rainforest Lodge is situated on the Danum River which flows through Sabah’s largest protected lowland rainforest in the 44,000-hectare Danum Valley Conservation Area.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge boasts an extensive network of trails and a fantastic 300m-long canopy walkway giving a bird’s-eye view of nesting orang-utans up to 26m high.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge has well-appointed rooms, serves excellent food and has highly knowledgeable naturalist guides. The service is of 5-star quality while still maintaining sustainable and environmentally sensitive practices. Each of the 31 chalet style rooms has comfortable twin or double beds, ceiling fans, smart furnishings and private bathrooms with hot water.

There is a communal room where evening slideshows and talks are given and there is a small bar and laundry service available. Night game drives and walks are provided for nocturnal wildlife viewing. The restaurant offers delicious Malaysian and international cuisine and there is a good selection of beverages available from the bar.

The area is home to a vast array of wildlife including all ten of Sabah’s primate species, Bornean pygmy elephants and remains one of the strongholds for the beautiful Sunda clouded leopard and extremely rare bay cat. 340 bird species and an innumerable number of reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants are also present in the surrounding forests.


Private bathrooms, hot water bathtubs, restaurant, bar, 24-hour electricity, ceiling fans, Jacuzzis, lounge, laundry service and natural history library. Deluxe chalets and three newer luxury villas available. Long canopy walkway.

Local Wildlife

The rare primary rainforest surrounding Borneo Rainforest Lodge is home to a huge diversity of wildlife: 340 species of birds, 120 of mammals, 72 reptile species, 56 amphibians and an incredible 200 species of plants per hactare. Some of the wildlife highlights include a healthy population of wild orang-utan, Bornean agile gibbons, western tarsier, Sunda slow loris, maroon langur, Bornean pygmy elephant, bearded pig, two species of mouse deer, five species of civet, smooth-coated otter, flying squirrel, leopard, marbled and bay cats and the stunning Sunda clouded leopard: the area was also previously home to the Sumatran rhino. The area is regarded as one of the best birding spots in Sabah, with six species of pitta alone regularly seen (including the endemic black-crowned and vivid blue-headed) as well as Bornean bristlehead, ground babblers, hornbills, owls, broadbills and many more.

Optional Activities

There is an extensive trail network, a magnificent canopy walkway, river tubing trips, game drives and walks and nocturnal spotlighting.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

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Excellent - the best location of all. We had a luxury villa by the river, and were even visited by 'sou' - the orangutan who lives there! Our guide was excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly.

Mrs M B - Anglesey